Condo Review. Living Life at The Top at One Pearl Bank

One Pearl Bank-An Iconic New Building with Historical Significance Today, tall buildings are everywhere in Singapore. From offices, residences to even the world-famous Marina Bay Sands hotels, these skyscrapers have dominated Singapore’s skyline. However, in the not too distant past, tall buildings were rare in Singapore. Construction methods were not as advanced, and there was[…]

What is Asset Progression and Why Is It Important?

Introduction To Asset Progression Asset progression is not something new in the property market. Nor is it a fancy word for property agents to influence people to sell their homes and purchase another one. Some Singaporeans have successfully made use of asset progression to build their retirement nest egg and live happily ever after. So,[…]

When Do HDB Flats Start Depreciating in Value?

Only 4 Percent Of HDB Will Be Eligible For SERs In March 2017, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong announced that not all old Housing flats would be eligible for SERS. Only 4 per cent of HDB has been identified since SERS was introduced in 1995. SERS is a short form for the Selection Enbloc Redevelopment[…]

Condo Review: Fyve Derbyshire? Or Five Derbyshire?

Definition Of The Word Fyve Before I confuse you any further, let me give you the meaning of the word “fyve” from Wiktionary. “Fyve: Obsolete spelling of five (5)” The definition of fyve and five are the same thing. The only difference is that nobody uses fyve these days. I suppose the name was a[…]

The Reason Why I Write Property Reviews

The Reason Why I Wrote An Article About Why I Write Property Reviews A few days ago, I received a call from one of my blog readers. He came across my blog due to one of the reviews I had written on a condo. His objective was rather straightforward. He wanted to find out from[…]