Buy a condo with little or no cash upfront?

Is this for real? Is this a scam? After all, there are plenty of advertisements like that on facebook. So, how exactly do you buy a condo with little or no cash upfront? First of all, let’s examine MAS’s regulation of purchasing a private property by a first timer who is a Singaporean. We use[…]

When Do Leasehold Properties Depreciate In Value?

Does It Start When The Property Reaches 20 Years Old? So, when does leasehold properties start to depreciate? After all, when the lease reaches zero, the land technically reverts to the government. With the endpoint having nothing in value, there should be a deprecation at some point in time. The question is when does it[…]

Property Review: Was J Gateway A Good Buy?

Was J Gateway a good buy? After all, strong demand saw buyers submitting 1400 blank cheques to ballot for 738 units. All 738 units were sold out within 8 hours. It was also the same evening that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) introduced the total debt servicing ratio where 60% of your income cannot[…]