Do I need A Buyer’s Agent?

Is A Buyer’s Agent That Important? Over the years, I have met up with people from all walks of life. Some will tell me that they don’t need my help in helping them find a property. They are perfectly comfortable to transact on their own. These buyers prefer to engage with the seller’s agent directly.[…]

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy A Condo In Singapore?

Case Study Of A Singaporean PR Purchasing A Condo In Singapore Recently I had the opportunity to meet up with a lovely couple who had just gotten their PR. They were incredibly excited and was looking forward to purchasing a condo in Singapore. If you are not aware by now, getting a Singapore Permanent Residency[…]

Condo Review. Living Life at The Top at One Pearl Bank

One Pearl Bank-An Iconic New Building with Historical Significance Today, tall buildings are everywhere in Singapore. From offices, residences to even the world-famous Marina Bay Sands hotels, these skyscrapers have dominated Singapore’s skyline. However, in the not too distant past, tall buildings were rare in Singapore. Construction methods were not as advanced, and there was[…]