When Do HDB Flats Start Depreciating in Value?

Only 4 Percent Of HDB Will Be Eligible For SERs In March 2017, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong announced that not all old Housing flats would be eligible for SERS. Only 4 per cent of HDB has been identified since SERS was introduced in 1995. SERS is a short form for the Selection Enbloc Redevelopment[…]

Condo Review: Fyve Derbyshire? Or Five Derbyshire?

Definition Of The Word Fyve Before I confuse you any further, let me give you the meaning of the word “fyve” from Wiktionary. “Fyve: Obsolete spelling of five (5)” The definition of fyve and five are the same thing. The only difference is that nobody uses fyve these days. I suppose the name was a[…]

The Reason Why I Write Property Reviews

The Reason Why I Wrote An Article About Why I Write Property Reviews A few days ago, I received a call from one of my blog readers. He came across my blog due to one of the reviews I had written on a condo. His objective was rather straightforward. He wanted to find out from[…]

Waiting For Price To Drop. Is This A Good Strategy?

Using The Right Strategy To Meet The Right Objectives There are a lot of objectives when it comes to real estate investing. Some people buy a freehold asset and hold it for the next generation. Others buy when the development is under construction and sell it later for a tidy profit. Then some prefer to[…]

First Mover Advantage. Is There Really An Advantage?

What Is A First Mover Advantage? Some of you might have heard about the first-mover advantage while others have no clue what this means. The first-mover advantage is not a new term coined recently to push property sales. But rather a concept that has been around for a while. The first-mover advantage means if you[…]

The Antares Review: The Condo That Is Also the Constellation

The Antares. The Brightest Star in The Neighbourhood In Singapore, we have all kinds of condo names. The country Australia inspires some like Austville. Then there are others such as The Alps Residences and The Santorini which are named after locations with breath-taking views. Although the themes may be different across these condos, the concept[…]

Is There Such A Thing as An Unbiased Property Review?

Reviews of Everything Is Available Everywhere These days, you can find reviews on everything, everywhere. These can range from the inbuilt features of an e-commerce site where verified purchasers give their feedback. Or the personal writings of a food blogger after visiting a hawker stall. Content is everywhere. So, the question is this? Can real[…]

Can You Make Money Buying Undervalued Properties?

Why Buying Certain “Undervalued” Properties May Not Be Such A Good Idea  Recently I received a text message from someone whom I haven’t heard from in a while. This person was a prospect who contacted me back in 2016. During that time, he had a couple of requirements. But the main objective was only one,[…]