When Do HDB Flats Start Depreciating in Value?

Only 4 Percent Of HDB Will Be Eligible For SERs In March 2017, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong announced that not all old Housing flats would be eligible for SERS. Only 4 per cent of HDB has been identified since SERS was introduced in 1995. SERS is a short form for the Selection Enbloc Redevelopment[…]

Waiting For Price To Drop. Is This A Good Strategy?

Using The Right Strategy To Meet The Right Objectives There are a lot of objectives when it comes to real estate investing. Some people buy a freehold asset and hold it for the next generation. Others buy when the development is under construction and sell it later for a tidy profit. Then some prefer to[…]

First Mover Advantage. Is There Really An Advantage?

What Is A First Mover Advantage? Some of you might have heard about the first-mover advantage while others have no clue what this means. The first-mover advantage is not a new term coined recently to push property sales. But rather a concept that has been around for a while. The first-mover advantage means if you[…]

Can You Make Money Buying Undervalued Properties?

Why Buying Certain “Undervalued” Properties May Not Be Such A Good Idea  Recently I received a text message from someone whom I haven’t heard from in a while. This person was a prospect who contacted me back in 2016. During that time, he had a couple of requirements. But the main objective was only one,[…]

How To Predict The Future And Time The Property Market

Predicting the Future 101 This article is more of a disclaimer post since I will be starting to write reviews on new condo launches. I’m sure you have read condo reviews by bloggers, reviewers and forum posters. Some say this condo is a good buy while others say it is a life changing mistake. Then[…]

Does My Condo Have Enbloc Potential?

I had the opportunity to meet up with a reader a while back who had a somewhat happy problem. A beneficiary of a recent enbloc sale meant that he had to move despite pocketing a mini-windfall. My recommendation to him was simple if you are going to purchase something for your personal use, make sure[…]