Million Dollar HDBs. Why Do They Even Exist?

Million Dollar HDBs. Are They A Paradox? The million-dollar HDB is a paradox. By right, a HDB flat is supposed to be a means of affordable housing for most Singaporeans. However, accumulating a million dollars is not exactly an easy feat. With the growing emergence of million-dollar HDBs, it does raise several eyebrows. Is the[…]

Where Is The Property Market Heading In 2021?

The year 2020 has come and gone. But the persistent Covid-19 is still hanging around with no end in sight. The virus is on a recent resurgence this January with cases ballooning worldwide despite ongoing vaccine efforts. On the economic front, Singapore’s GDP has taken another beating with a contraction of 3.8% in the last[…]

Is The Home You Are Staying In An Asset Or A Liability?

Are Negative Cash Flow Properties Considered Assets? Whenever housing agents talk about asset progression, it always entails the selling of your current HDB to upgrade to a private residence. However, people like Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad and Poor Dad will tell you that the house you are staying in is in fact, a liability.[…]