Million Dollar HDBs. Why Do They Even Exist?

Million Dollar HDBs. Are They A Paradox? The million-dollar HDB is a paradox. By right, a HDB flat is supposed to be a means of affordable housing for most Singaporeans. However, accumulating a million dollars is not exactly an easy feat. With the growing emergence of million-dollar HDBs, it does raise several eyebrows. Is the[…]

Where Is The Property Market Heading In 2021?

The year 2020 has come and gone. But the persistent Covid-19 is still hanging around with no end in sight. The virus is on a recent resurgence this January with cases ballooning worldwide despite ongoing vaccine efforts. On the economic front, Singapore’s GDP has taken another beating with a contraction of 3.8% in the last[…]

Is The Home You Are Staying In An Asset Or A Liability?

Are Negative Cash Flow Properties Considered Assets? Whenever housing agents talk about asset progression, it always entails the selling of your current HDB to upgrade to a private residence. However, people like Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad and Poor Dad will tell you that the house you are staying in is in fact, a liability.[…]

Are Positive Cash Flow Properties Worth Investing?

Due to the rising real estate prices, purchasing a property that will net you positive cash flow is getting harder. Do these properties still even exist? How do you also find them in the first place? Well, finding these properties are not tricky. First, all you need to do is to sort out those recently[…]

What is FOMO and When Does It Happen?

Other than speculators and gamblers, there is another term that is used for buyers who purchased homes during this time. Commonly known as fear of missing out or FOMO in short, it is a form of social anxiety caused when others are in on the action while you are not. With the advent of social[…]