Condo Review: Hillhaven’s Design Concept: Creating A Sanctuary Embraced by the Rainforest

Hear The Whispers of The Rainforest At Hillhaven

Hillhaven, the newest address at 5 Hillview Rise, emerges from the verdant embrace of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and ancient forests. This stunning 341-unit residence isn’t just a place to live – it’s a modern masterpiece inspired by the lush paradise surrounding it. Imagine sunlight dappling through a vibrant emerald canopy, illuminating towering giants with bark like weathered sandstone.

Rays Of Light Piercing Through The Forest. Photo by Erik van Dijk on Unsplash

Hillhaven translates this vision into a modern masterpiece. Vertical panels of concrete rise like these majestic trees, clad in a light beige that echoes the natural texture. Champagne gold accents dance across the facade, mimicking sunlight filtering through the leaves and creating a warm, dappled effect. It’s not a literal interpretation but an artful abstraction, a place where the wild beauty of the rainforest meets modern design in perfect harmony.

Two Tower Blocks That Resemble Trees Amidst The Undergrowth Of The Forest

A Verdant Embrace Awaits As You Approach The Entrance.

A living wall of trees, a soft and welcoming barrier, unfolds before you. Imagine sunlight glinting off the vertical elements and fins, their light champagne gold tones mimicking how sunlight dances on towering trees in a forest. Cascading vines, adorned with lush green foliage, weave through this architectural forest, creating a breathtakingly vibrant facade. This isn’t just beautiful, it’s functional too – the living wall cleverly conceals the carpark block behind, creating a seamless transition from the natural world to the wonders that await within.

Main Entrance

Stepping Into a Forest Sanctuary

Step into a welcoming embrace as you enter Hillhaven. A light-filled plaza unfolds before you bathe in the dappled light filtering through a delicate canopy overhead. This creates a calming transition from the outside world, preparing you for the wonders within.

On one side, a discreet guardhouse nestles within a charming pocket garden. Signature trees line the driveway, adding natural elegance. The vista opens up to a grand, curved drop-off point as you proceed.

A touch of architectural magic graces the scene. A light, curved screen gracefully connects the canopy to the sky bridge above, like a delicate vine reaching for the sun. Look closer, and you’ll notice the surrounding trees soften the edges of the car park and tower blocks, creating a sense of harmony between nature and development.

The building itself whispers the secrets of the forest. Vertical architectural lines on the concrete panels mimic the rhythm of the tall trees, clad in champagne accents that shimmer like sunlight filtering through leaves. This interplay of light and shadow creates a human scale, softening the imposing nature of the towers. It’s a subtle yet powerful connection, blurring the lines between the building and its surroundings and forming a signature vista that leads you seamlessly to the entrance.

A Symphony of Light Reflected in Glass and Stone

Hillhaven’s tower block is a captivating reflection of nature’s artistry. The inspiration comes from sunlight dappling on a rainforest river, creating a mesmerizing blend of teal, green, and blue. This vibrant palette forms the base of the building’s glazing, accented by shimmering champagne gold and calming sandy tones. The facade’s vertical lines draw your gaze upwards, culminating in a crown where the surface shimmers. This isn’t just a visual flourish; it’s a tessellated design, mimicking the dappled light filtering through a lush rainforest canopy.

A mesmerizing blend of teal, green, and blue. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The inspiration extends beyond the tower itself. The elevated landscape deck transforms into a tranquil riverbank. Soft curves, reminiscent of the golden sandbanks bordering pristine rivers and lakes, weave through layers of verdant landscapes. Lush greenery frames sparkling golden decks and inviting cooling pools, creating a haven of peace. Here, the colour palette evokes the tranquillity of a rainforest waterbody.

But Hillhaven isn’t just about replicating nature; it’s about harmonious coexistence. The architecture itself undergoes a metamorphosis. The rigid lines of the tower block soften, gracefully morphing into curvilinear planes. These simple curves become a second layer of “greenery,” subtly echoing the layered beauty of a rainforest. It’s a captivating interplay of form and function, blurring the lines between the building and its surroundings.

A Journey Through Nature’s Embrace: Unveiling Hillhaven’s Amenities

A captivating journey unfolds as you step onto the signature curvilinear-covered linkway. This graceful pathway guides you through a sky terrace, offering glimpses of the lush greenery below, before arriving at your destination: the function hall, changing rooms, and gym.

Function Room


Imagine lush greenery cascading down like living curtains. These create a layered spatial experience, enticing you further into the heart of Hillhaven. As you enter, the minimalist interiors offer a haven of calm. Think soothing travertine colours complemented by light wood and warm golden highlights. Every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of serenity, a personal oasis within your home.

Nestled within this verdant landscape are pavilions dedicated to a variety of activities. Picture charming BBQ pavilions resembling miniature forest villas. Each villa boasts its play area and inviting spa pool, perfect for intimate family gatherings. Fully equipped with an outdoor kitchen and dining area, these spaces allow you to connect with loved ones under the open sky.

BBQ Pavilion

For those seeking a little more action, active zones with light, airy enclosures provide the ideal space for a game of pickleball. Whether you crave relaxation or recreation, Hillhaven caters to your every desire, all within a beautifully designed environment that celebrates the natural world.

Biker’s Corner For That 20km Western Adventure Cycling Loop

More Than a Residence, a Sanctuary Awaits

Hillhaven isn’t just a collection of apartments; it’s an invitation to live in harmony with nature’s symphony. Here, the whispers of the rainforest become a constant companion, from the dappled light filtering through your window to the vibrant landscapes surrounding you.

Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing sounds of birdsong. Picture unwinding after a long day by the sparkling pool, the lush greenery a balm for your soul. Hillhaven isn’t just a place to live; it’s a place to reconnect, breathe deeply, and find peace within the embrace of nature.

Article contributed by Jerry Wong.

Jerry Wong is a versatile professional, serving as a realtor at Propnex Realty and contributing his interior designer expertise at the award-winning ProjectGuru. With accolades in both realms, Jerry’s passions extend beyond his work, with his greatest joy in facilitating connections between individuals and properties, deriving immense satisfaction from helping clients achieve their goals.

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