Review: Meet 111 Emerald Hill, The Orchard Road Condo With The Permanent Unblocked View

Introduction Of 111 Emerald Hill

One of the best things about real estate is that I get to travel to different places and see beautiful homes. My journey today brings me to a pocket enclave on top of Emerald Hill. A charming conservation locale just a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road. Many of the housing there feature Chinese Baroque architecture. A fusion of classical European design with Chinese detailing on embellishments such as windows, doors and roofs. The result when you step into the area is like going back in time. A historical reminder of Singapore’s past in contrast to the modern construction all over the island.

History Of 111 Emerald Hill

Back in 2015, the remaining 16 units at 111 Emerald Hill was sold to a fund. The method of transfer was via the acquisition of shares from the developer’s company. Whenever you purchase a company that is a Property Holding Entity (PHE), you would acquire the assets under this entity. This method was a rather smart way to avoid paying the hefty stamp duties.

However, since the introduction of the Additional Conveyance Duties (ACD) on 11th March 2017, this way of ownership transfer for residential properties to save on stamp duties wasn’t feasible anymore. The Additional Conveyance Duties for Buyers (ACDB) after 6th July 2018 is a whopping 34%. It now makes more financial sense to transact any residential properties via the “normal” way.

With the fund taking ownership of the remaining units, 111 Emerald Hill is technically 100% sold. In 2018 however, the fund decided to liquate their investment. This liquidation created an opportunity for buyers to acquire some of these homes which were previously unavailable in the market.

Front Entrance Of 111 Emerald Hill

Location Of 111 Emerald Hill

111 Emerald Hill is an exclusive 40-unit development on Emerald Hill. Although tucked away in a private residential enclave, it takes 4 minutes or just 350 metres to get to Orchard Road. Everything you need is in Orchard Road. These offerings include high-end stores that you may not find throughout the rest of the island.

For public transportation to the rest of the island, the nearest MRT Station is at Somerset. Accessible via an underground passageway from 313 @ Somerset. With a location this central, it is pointless to give you a transportation guide anywhere else.

Most Unique Attribute Of 111 Emerald Hill

Due to the intensity of land use in Orchard, condos in the area may not have the luxury of enjoying views of wide-open spaces in their living room. Even if they are available, usually it is only a few select units that have these qualities.

In the case of 111 Emerald Hill, things are very different. The low rise conserved shophouses directly in front of the development meant that the view is permanent. There is no possibility of another taller building coming up and blocking the view. Furthermore, the higher elevation of 111 Emerald Hill also meant that every single unit has this benefit. Allowing residents to soak in the sights of the new and old Orchard Road against the backdrop of Singapore’s skyline. All at the same time.

View Of Emerald Hill Shophouses From 111 Emerald Hill

The Istana From 111 Emerald Hill

More Photos Of The Istana

Rather than the traditional squarish design, the architect came with a wavy form instead. I believe there is a duo purpose to this feature. First of all, it creates an iconic building set against the Emerald Hill background. Secondly, it allows the 4-bedroom occupants at both stack 01 and 02 to have a continued perspective of their surroundings. Creating an entire picture than spans Orchard Road to the Istana, no matter which room you are in. Although this design may affect the regularity of the room shapes. I believe it is a small price to pay to capture the beauty of the cityscape.

The Wavy Form Of 111 Emerald Hill

The layout of Unit(3-Bedroom)

Compared with the 4-bedroom, the 3-bedroom units are more regular in shape. Only a slight portion of the balcony, planter area and master bedroom are affected by the building shape. A necessity to create a continuous and seamless flow of the façade. Access to the unit is via a private lift. Each three-bedroom comes fully equipped with a wet and dry kitchen area. All hallmark features of luxury developments.

The layout of Unit (4-Bedroom)

While the entire layout of the 4-bedroom unit does seem a bit odd. The architect was able to create pockets of squares within this design. This arrangement meant that almost of the rooms are squarish, except for bedroom 1. Successfully solving the internal layout issue.


Most small unit developments do not have extensive facilities. 111 Emerald Hill is no exception. While the offerings for the condo are limited, you do get the exclusivity that a low-density development provides.

In the case of 111 Emerald Hill, the facilities look far better than some of the other small-scale developments I have come across. These include an all-weather swimming pool, gym and a BBQ area. There is even a cabana lounge where residents can sit and enjoy the constant breeze — a given benefit when you are one of the tallest building in the vicinity.

Drop Off Point With Private Lift Lobby

Gym With A Greenery View

Sheltered Swimming Pool Facing Emerald Hill Shophouses

Fully Equipped BBQ Area

Poolside Cabana Lounge

Is 111 Emerald Hill A Good Buy?

Out of the 16 units offered from the fund last year, only six are available at the time of this writing. The types available include the three bedrooms, four-bedroom as well as the four-bedroom duplex penthouse. As usual, I will use rental prices as part of my analysis to determine if something is a good buy. In this case, the calculation is very straightforward because some of these units are rented out.  These prices are a reflection of recent market transactions and not some over-inflated numbers used by some developers in their rental guarantee program. For those looking for their personal use, there are some units which are ready for immediate occupation as well.

Unit TypeTransacted Rental PricesProperty PriceGross Annual YieldInitial Investment (25% + Stamp Duty)Gross Annual Yield On Initial Investment
3 Bedroom (2120 sqft)$8800$5,300,000 1.99%$1,521,6006.94%
4 Bedroom (2497 sqft)$9,800$5,543,0002.12%$1,592,0707.39%

The rental yields for 111 Emerald Hill are very similar to that of free luxury developments in the core central region with an average yield of 2%. If rental yields are the main priority, other properties in the market will fetch a higher return. However, if you are looking for a trophy home that values privacy, near Orchard Road and the permanent unblocked view from your living room. 111 Emerald Hill will be the one that checks all your boxes. For more information on floor plans, prices and availability of units at 111 Emerald Hill, visit our microsite at

Article contributed by Jerry Wong

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