Condo Review. Seahill. The Condo That Is In Between The Sea and The Hill

How The Name Of Seahill Came About

As you can surmise from the name, Seahill is a condo that is in between the sea and a hill. This geographic feature is extremely rare in Singapore. If I am not mistaken, the condo site for Seahill is the only place with this unique characteristic on the entire island.

So Where Exactly Is Seahill?

Seahill is located at West Coast Crescent right across West Coast Park. West Coast Park is a 50-hectare park beside the sea with a host of activities for people of all ages. You can fly kites in the ample open space, cycle and even walk your dog off-leash at one of the fenced-up areas at the end of the park. Kids will also be happy to know that the playground at West Coast Park is also one of the largest in Singapore. The 24hour McDonalds is also a popular destination for those who need a quick bite or to satisfy one of those late-night cravings. Those who enjoy recreational boating will be happy to know that there is a Republic of Singapore Yacht Club just beside West Coast Park.

View Of West Coast Park On The 24th Floor With The Yacht Club In The Background

Behind Seahill, is the Clementi Woods Park. Although the park doesn’t appear to look very tall, specific points in the park have an elevation of 40 metres. If you do a simple conversion, this is around ten storeys. Since there is no minimum height elevation on how you classify a hill, Clementi Woods Park can be considered as one. Even though Clementi Woods Park is smaller in size compared with West Coast Park at only 12 hectares, it has the standard park provisions. There is a children’s playground, jogging track and there’s even an allotment garden for those with green fingers to grow your plants. Lastly, due to the trees from the secondary forest, it does feel like you are walking in the woods!

Nearby Amenities

As with most locations beside parks, transportation nodes are usually further away. The nearest MRT station would be the Clementi station (EW24) at 1.84 km away. There is a direct bus from Seahill with only five stops to this station. Over here, there is a total of 3 malls and a host of neighbourhood shops to cater to your every need.

If you prefer something nearby, you can always take the same bus and stop earlier at West Coast Plaza. With a similar size to Clementi Mall, West Coast Plaza has identical offerings to cater to your every need. There is even a wet market and hawker centre for those who love their local delights. Not to mention the Sheng Siong Supermarket that occupies an entire building. Of course, if you want to a better shopping experience, you can always head to Vivocity or even Westgate or JEM slightly further away.

Facilities At Seahill

Seahill is a development comprising of 4 separate entities integrated harmoniously on a single plot of land. Firstly, you have the serviced apartments that are managed by Oasia. Then there are two tower blocks of condos and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) units where you can get an incredible view of the sea. And then lastly the townhouses which are ideal for families who want the best of both worlds. Staying in a landed home yet enjoying all the perks of the condo facilities.

Condo And SOHO Towers In Front With The Serviced Apartments On The Right. Townhouses On The Left

Pools, Pools, Everywhere

To ensure all residents (including those staying in the townhouses) have access to the incredible sea view. The developer has built a series of facilities on various levels of the tower blocks to cater to the residents. One of the decks is located on the 6th floor right on top of the multi-storey car park. This intelligent positioning of the carpark is a way to deflect and reduce any noise going into the apartment units. At the same time, the rooftop of the carpark is not wasted as it is transformed into two separate pools. Giving residents a beautiful green view of the West Coast Park as you swim.

Skypool Number 1 On The 6th Floor

Skypool Number 2 Facing Pandan Loop

Of course, the main attraction of the condo is the pool on the 24th floor. The photos that I took do not give any justice to the feeling you get with that wind in your hair as you soak in the incredible view of the West Coast. Not only is the open sea right in front of you, but you also get to have an overview of the entire West Coast Park. If you prefer not to swim, you can also experience the same view in the gym while you exercise. The tennis court is on the same level as well, giving Seahill residents the full condo experience.

Views Of Sungei Pandan

Views Of The Sea From The 24th Floor

Exercise With A View!

If you don’t like heights, there is yet another pool on the ground floor behind the townhouses. This pool is the largest swimming pool in Seahill and where the main facilities are located. These facilities include the children’s playground, BBQ pavilions, various spa pools and even a fitness corner — ideal for hosting and entertaining guests if they do come by and visit you.

Main Swimming Pool On The Ground Floor

One Of The Spa Pools At Seahill

BBQ Pavilions

Unit Types At Seahill

While there are various units type available in Seahill, I will only focus on the townhouses because these are the ones still available from the developer. The rest of the condo and SOHO units were sold out quite some time ago. The unique thing about Seahill is that this condo was developed before the changes in URA planning back in 2012, which blocked foreigners from owning strata landed homes. In other words, foreigners can continue to purchase the strata-landed homes at Seahill without getting approval from the Singapore Land Authority. The same cannot be said for newer developments such as the nearby Kent Ridge Hill Residences or the recently launched Parc Clematis. The technicality lies in the status of the townhouse. By URA standards, the townhouse at Seahill is a “condominium” while other townhouses at the newer developments are a labelled instead as “terrace houses”.

With The Living Room Directly Opening To The Pool. The Only Access Is Via The Back Of The House. Or The Basement

Townhouses At Seahill

The townhouse at Seahill is very similar to those strata houses in a gated community throughout Singapore. Most of the time, there are two rows of houses facing each other with the swimming pool right in the middle. Seahill is no exception. Since a townhouse is still ultimately a form of landed housing, residents do get their carpark lots for two cars in the basement. In most instances, the ventilation in the basement for such housing can be rather stuffy. However, for Seahill, there is sufficient airflow through the basement with well-placed vents. There is even an opening that allows light to enter as well.

Rows Of Townhouses At Seahill With Tinted Glass Windows And Doors For Additional Privacy

Well-Ventilated Basement

On the first level of the townhouse, there is the living, dining and even a bedroom. Having a bedroom on the first floor offers a lot of flexibility. You can use it as a granny’s room for those with inter-generational families. Or a guest room if you have friends or relatives staying over. Or simply a storage facility if you need the space. Whatever the reason, this room is highly flexible and multi-purpose.

Seahill Living Room

Seahill Kitchen

The 2nd level houses all the bedrooms and is ideal for those families who have young children. That way, you can keep your eye on them on the same floor. If you need more wardrobe space, you can also easily covert of the rooms into a big walk-in wardrobe.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Common Bathroom

At the top floor, we have the family room and a roof terrace housing a jacuzzi. The roof terrace can be a personal getaway space from the outside world or even your family members.

Family Room On Roof Terrace

Jacuzzi On Roof Terrace

Is Seahill A Good Buy?

Currently, the Seahill townhouses are both available for rental and purchase. The rentals start from $9500 per month while sale prices start from $3.9mil. If you do a simple calculation, that works out to be around a 2.9% yield per year. However, I believe that most buyers who are looking at Seahill are not looking at the rental returns. But rather its eligibility that it is one of the only few townhouses left in the first-hand market that foreigners can purchase. For a personalised tour of Seahill, do fill in the contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

If you need more info on the latest prices(both rental and sale) and availability of Seahill townhouses, do visit our microsite at

Article contributed by Jerry Wong 

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