Condo Review: Under The Shelter Of The Clement Canopy

Why I Chose To Review The Clement Canopy

One of the best things about being a realtor is that we get to travel to different places to see nice houses and beautiful architecture. This time, my journey brings me to The Clement Canopy. Since I am here, might as well take a couple of photos and write about it. After all, it doesn’t take long to write one of these articles. The reason why I am here is to do the unit defect inspection for one of my clients. It is part of the after-sales service whenever you purchase a new home from us. We want them to know that we care for their well being and that their stay at the new place will be a good one. Also, there is always a tendency for 1st-time buyers to miss out certain defects.

The Clement Canopy. Standing Tall At Clementi Ave 1

Was The Clement Canopy A Good Buy?

If you happen to be a proud owner at The Clement Canopy, congratulations, you have just made a paper profit. How much you gain largely depends on when you bought. The earlier you did purchase, the higher your margin. Now, some people might recommend that you only buy when there are a few units left. That is the time where developers will give terrific discounts to “clear the remaining stock”. This statement may or may not be valid. If you were waiting for an opportunity like this at The Clement Canopy, I am sorry to say the opportunity never came.

Now, is there a way to figure out if the developer will give discounts on their remaining few units? Well, there is. After looking at so many new launches, there is a pattern on what will be available for a discount later. To understand how we spot these, do fill in your contact details so we can explain the mechanics to you.

With its 100% sold status, there is nothing left to buy at The Clement Canopy. As such, I will skip the rental yield analysis portion. My focus of this review is to showcase the architectural aspect of this development.

Pick Up And Drop Off Point

What’s So Special About The Clement Canopy?

The Clementi Canopy is a 505-unit residential development located at Clementi Avenue 1. It is just beside NUS high school and right next to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Although it takes a 14-minute walk to Clementi MRT Station, this proximity doesn’t matter. Why? Because The Clement Canopy is the closest private housing next to University town. A massive employment node where people work and always in need of nearby lodging.

What About That Expressway?

For projects like The Clement Canopy that is next to a highway, there is always noise. Unlike MRT Stations which operate on a fixed schedule, expressways do not. Cars are travelling on a 24-hour basis, and the sound from the buzzing traffic is constant. Since you cannot remove the road and the noise, isn’t buying this piece of real estate a bad idea? After all, you will have to live with the background noise for the rest of your life. Right?

Solving the Expressway Noise Issue

The fascinating thing is that when I was at The Clement Canopy, I didn’t even notice the noise. How? Why? In most developments, the architect would plan a centrepiece with the facilities right in the middle. Creating ample enough space for residents to move around and enjoy. Using this same strategy for the Clement Canopy would place one tower block directly in front of the expressway. Doing this might create more space in the middle but will also sacrifice the peace of 25% of these residents facing the highway. What’s more, these residents would have a harder time selling their units in the future.

Instead of doing things the conventional way, the architect did something else different. The two-tower blocks are closer to each other but in a position so that they do not face each other. This placement does two things. Firstly, it increases the privacy for the residents. And secondly, it is excellent for ventilation and allows plenty of airflow through the individual homes.

Next, the multi-storey carpark is placed next to the highway. This continuous structure along the perimeter of the condo acts as a noise barrier. Furthermore, numerous trees and bushes are lined up alongside this carpark. The combination of these two things effectively creates a giant sponge, absorbing the noise instead of bouncing them elsewhere.

Can’t Even See The Highway At All

Creating More Space

Although putting the multi-storey carpark against the expressway eliminates the noise problem. It doesn’t solve the space problem. So how did you create more communal areas for the residents? The architect resolves this by distributing facilities at various levels. This segregation creates pockets of privacy commonly seen in developments with limited land size. Something to the effect of having sky terraces at multiple levels.


BBQ Pit At The Upper Decks

The Rationale Behind The Name Of “The Clement Canopy”

First, of all, let’s look at the centrepiece and the rationale behind the name “The Clement Canopy”.

The concept of The Clement Canopy is to attempt to merge water and greenery successfully together, the two basic building blocks of paradise. I believe the inspiration is from a beautiful scene of a flooded rainforest. Where the water level flows up to the treetops – Giving you a close-up view of the tree’s canopy while yet submerging in the crystal-clear blue waters below.

Of course, the current trees here are a little small and doesn’t have a canopy right now. But I believe the results will be very different a few years down the road.


Surrounded by these waters is the clubhouse. Currently used for key-collection, it houses the reading lounge, study room and entertainment room. The clubhouse also features a dining pavilion. So, you can host parties and at the same time keep your eye on the kids in the pool. To a certain extent, it may even feel like a treehouse. Well, provided once the canopy appears.

Upper Deck

The bulk of the facilities are surprisingly are not on the 1st level. Instead, they are on the upper deck of the multi-storey carpark. This area houses the tennis court, kids’ playground, the main swimming pool. It is a smart way to use the otherwise void space to expand the facilities offered to the residents. The architect even made use of the elevation difference to create a waterfall with reading pods that have an incredible view of the Canopy below.


Reading Pods With A Clear View Of The Canopy Below

Pavilions On The Upper Deck

Having the kid’s pool next to the children’s playground is the best thing a kid can ask for, and playtime will never be boring.


Children’s Playground


Playground With Swing


Children’s Pool

For the adults, the infinity lap pool offers a way to destress by both exercising and having the incredible view of the Canopy below. The other reason for the elevation is to create a privacy barrier between The Clement Canopy and NUS high school.


Infinity Pool With Deck Chairs


Infinity Pool With Canopy View

Then there is also a tennis court, a rare sight not seen in most condos these days.

The gym and function room is on a mezzanine level, yet again creating another pocket of space.



The Clement Canopy is part of the reason why we love new launches. Thanks to advancement in technology, building designs are improving all the time. From the multi-storey carpark to the elevated lap pool. Instead of just having a primary function, these facilities also have secondary purposes. With new and exciting things like this happening in the future? What else can we see?

The future is coming sooner than we think. Why? After their successful bid for the government land sales at Clementi Ave 1, UOL happens to be redeveloping yet another plot along the same road. What will they come up next? Will it be as exciting as The Clement Canopy? We can’t wait to find out. To receive the latest updates on this upcoming launch, do contact us and we will notify you once we have any updates.

Article contributed by Jerry Wong

Jerry Wong is a realtor with Propnex Realty. He loves coffee, cookies and condos. Most importantly, he loves connecting people to properties and gets enormous satisfaction when they acquire their dream home or make that capital upside in just a matter of months. Buy Jerry a coffee, and he will meet up with you on a 1 to 1 session to share the following

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