Interior Design Stories: A Modern Scandinavian Design With A Traditional Twist At Seasons View

Seasons View Interior Design: Adding A Little Twist Of Tradition To The Original Scandinavian Design

In this series, our focus is on the transformation of a 3-bedroom condominium unit at Seasons View into a highly functional space, seamlessly integrating tucked-away storage while maintaining a home aesthetic that is simple, light, and warm. Embracing the essence of Modern Scandinavian design with a little traditional twist, we introduce elements like clean lines, cosy textiles, juxtaposing pieces, and shaker-styled cabinets; all approached with a commitment to minimalism.

Client Profile

The client is a family of four, including two young children, transitioning from a spacious 5-room HDB to a more compact 3-bedroom condominium unit. Considering the needs of the children, ample storage for toys, clothing, and belongings is crucial, all while ensuring the unit feels as spacious as their previous home. Our goal is to craft an interior that exudes both spaciousness and cosiness.

Storage Space Takes Precedence, Creating More Wardrobe Space In Bedroom 3 And A U-Shaped Configuration For Bedroom 2.

A key consideration is optimising the existing layout to create more storage space. Since the family does not require a domestic helper, we have reconfigured the storeroom walls to extend the wardrobe for bedroom 3, facilitating easy access to items without the need to visit a separate storeroom. The wardrobes are designed to age aesthetically with the children, featuring a fabric laminate for a softer look and feel. The fabric laminate is skillfully housed within a frame, creating a three-dimensional look that resembles the real thing from a distance.

Reconfiguration Of Utility, Bedroom 3 and Entrance

L-Shaped Wardrobe With A Softer Look And Feel For The Children

Entrance View Of The L-Shaped Wardrobe

Close Up With Of The Fabric Laminate On The Wardrobe

To maximise space, the bedroom three doorway is pushed back, necessitating a reconfiguration of bedroom two. The resulting U-shape configuration, with the wardrobe and study opposite each other and the bed facing the window, provides increased storage space and a more extended study table.

New Configuration Of Bedroom 2

Reconfiguring The Kitchen

In response to the client’s desire for shoe cabinets, a mirror in the foyer, and considerations for the narrow walkway into the house, we incorporated a portion of the shoe cabinet into the kitchen while maintaining the passageway. Per the owner’s request, a distinctive viewing window in the stove area enables the mother to monitor which child has arrived home while she spends time in the kitchen. A fixed glass panel between the kitchen and dining area serves a similar purpose while allowing additional natural light into the kitchen. This new revised layout also facilitates the seamless transfer of food from the kitchen to the dining area.

A Newly Designed Kitchen Integrated With The Shoe Cabinet

To meet the client’s needs, a new pantry has been constructed to extend the dry kitchen, enabling the preparation of breakfast and coffee without entering the kitchen. Placing the fridge and water dispenser in the pantry ensures convenient access for everyone without entering the wet kitchen. The repositioned basin maintains a linear flow of water piping, and a clever kitchen pocket door effectively separates the dry and wet kitchen areas, minimising clutter and maximising functionality.

Dry Kitchen With Water Dispenser

Adding A Niche To The Master Bathroom

Despite the owners’ preference for a bathtub, the impractical current configuration led us to shift the bathtub slightly away from the wall and create a convenient niche for storing shampoo and soaps.

A Convenience Niche Right Beside The Bathtub

Natural And Subtle Colours Reign

Applying the 60-30-10 rule to all rooms, we utilise white as the dominant colour tone to enhance the perception of spaciousness. We juxtapose stone backing and flooring against basic white cabinets with a wooden countertop in the kitchen, creating a focal point. Neutral colour tones and natural elements establish a completely natural environment. A black colour handle adds a modern touch to the Scandinavian palette.

Use of White In The Kitchen To Enhance Spaciousness

The same colour application is employed in the living room—white walls, stone flooring, and a wood feature wall. The non-parallel feature wall, incorporating clean, simple lines, introduces a visual interest to the overall look.

Subtle Colours Reign Throughout The House

Incorporation Of Warm Elements

The dining table and master bedroom wardrobe are deliberately adorned with a distinctively warmer colour tone to create cosy spaces, contrasting with the light background that dominates the family’s primary living spaces. The same design principle extends to the vanity in the bathroom, fostering a harmonious and unified atmosphere throughout the home.

Wardrobe With A Distinctively Warmer Colour Tone

Extension Of Warmth To Bathroom Vanity

Thoughtfully Chosen Furniture Pieces That We Believe Perfectly Enhance This Home

While the selection of floor and wall colours and carpentry design is crucial, furnishing ultimately adds the finishing touches and imbues the entire home with personality. Below are some furniture pieces that we feel complement this home beautifully.

Grey 3-Seater Sofa, Sustainable Fabric | Remi by Castlery
Soft angles meet tapered silhouettes. Remi exudes laidback, understated, mid-century modern charm to your space.

Vincent Dining Set
Fronted by graceful curves and a slim silhouette, Vincent’s charisma sets the tone for all the little moments at home.

Vincent Dining Chair
Fronted by graceful curves and a slim silhouette, Vincent’s charisma sets the tone for all the little moments at home.

Joseph Boucle Queen Size Bed with 2 Bedside Tables
Joseph is characterised by modern walnut tones and low, expansive proportions for a trendy yet steadfast presence.

A Highly Functional, Clutter-Free Home That Looks Spacious And Warm

Crafting a well-designed home goes beyond merely drawing inspiration from magazine images and social media trends. Each project involves a thoughtful and deliberate process, considering lifestyle requirements, usability, and our unique approach to deliver a personalised living experience. We take pride in the fact that this particular unit at Seasons View has been transformed into the ideal home for a family of four. We are confident that this space will meet their immediate needs and evolve gracefully, becoming a backdrop for creating beautiful and lasting memories with their children. It’s more than just a home; it’s a personalised environment tailored to aesthetically stand the test of time.

Article contributed by Jerry Wong

Jerry Wong is a versatile professional, serving as a realtor at Propnex Realty and contributing his interior designer expertise at the award-winning ProjectGuru. With accolades in both realms, Jerry’s passions extend beyond his work, with his greatest joy in facilitating connections between individuals and properties, deriving immense satisfaction from helping clients achieve their goals.

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