The Antares Review: The Condo That Is Also the Constellation

The Antares. The Brightest Star in The Neighbourhood

In Singapore, we have all kinds of condo names. The country Australia inspires some like Austville. Then there are others such as The Alps Residences and The Santorini which are named after locations with breath-taking views. Although the themes may be different across these condos, the concept behind every single one is the same. Their objective is to create an identity and lifestyle living that the residents will enjoy and be proud to be associated.

Today, we have The Antares, a residential development beside Mattar MRT station inspired by the constellation Alpha Scorpi. Antares is the fifteen brightest stars in the night sky and the brightest object in the Alpha Scorpi constellation. Like the constellation, this exciting new development will be the most eye-catching and latest thing in this old neighbourhood. It is drawing all eyes to its magnificence against the backdrop of industrial estates and an old HDB town.

Introduction To The Antares

The Antares is a residential development comprising of 265 residences. The project is developed by a joint venture between Hock Lian Seng Holdings, Keong Hong Holdings and TA Corporation Ltd. These names might not be familiar with you because these developers are mostly in the construction business. They do, however, have a long history in Singapore and have a fair share of track records when it comes to real estate development.

The Antares. Shining Bright In Mattar

Location of The Antares

With an address at 23 Mattar Road, The Antares is a stone’s throw away to Mattar MRT station. In terms of actual distance, it is around 100 meters. If you walk fast enough, the MRT station is seconds away. The Mattar station sits on the downtown line and will connect you directly to the Downtown station at the heart of Singapore’s financial district. For those looking at high-end shopping and fine dining will be happy to know that the Bayfront station is on the very same line as well. With a commuting time of just 20 to 22 minutes, the downtown core region is a possible source of potential tenants.

A stone’s throw away is the Circuit Road Hawker which feature an impressive array of local delights. I haven’t had the opportunity to try everything there. If you find something mind-blowing, do leave your recommendations on the comment section below.

The Single Most Important Attribute of The Antares

The Antares is one of the only few private residential developments in the neighbourhood. The other two are Grace Apartments and Sallim Lodge. Both of which were built in the 1990s and only consisted of a few residential units. With so little supply in the vicinity, The Antares is a rare commodity.

Besides, it is also one of the nearest condos to the new campus of Nexus International School. Nexus International School is a private school that caters to over 50 nationalities from years age 3 to 18. The school is under construction right now and will complete in 2020. With 12 blocks housing over 1200 students, there will be an immediate need for housing in the vicinity. Be it administrative, teaching staff or even students; there will be tenant demand for the Antares. What’s more, annual tuition fees at this school starts from $38,000(per year). So, it will not be surprising to find good profile tenants if you are holding on to an investment unit.

Unit Distribution at The Antares

There is a total of 4 blocks at The Antares. Block 19 and 21 are the shorter blocks with only five stories while block 23 and 25 stands at 17th and 18th Storey respectively. If you notice the unit distribution carefully, you will realise that the 1-bedroom units are only located at block 19 and 21. Why is this so?

To sell units well and understand what the market can absorb, the developer needs to have a pricing strategy. Due to the shape of the land, there will inevitably be some units facing the Grace Baptist Church and the Church of Saint Stephens. As such, the views from your living room may not be as good.

Investors, on the other hand, places more emphasis on the overall quantum of the product. To them, views are not the main priority. This placement of the 1-bedroom units creates a win-win solution for everyone. Investors can now purchase the smaller units at a lower quantum while homeowners have a selection of units with a more premium view.

How about the West Sun?

Given the shape of the land, there is only so much the architect can do. The architect can choose to maximise the views of every single unit at The Antares. Or limit this number by placing them in a north-south orientation. This is a simple trade-off because only a few stacks are affected by the west sun.

For stacks that are affected by the afternoon sun, the pre-approved balcony screens are a way to mitigate the effects of the direct sunlight partially.

Unit Layout At The Antares

In The Antares sales gallery, there are two showflat unit types. The first one is the 2-bedroom penthouse which features a ceiling height of 4.5 meters in the living room. Only selected top floor and facility-level units will enjoy the higher ceiling. The ceiling heights for typical units are at 2.75 meters.

2 Bedroom (High Ceiling)

Due to the higher percentage (60%) of 2 bedrooms in the development, various configurations and layouts are available depending on which tower block they are located. There are some with the “dumbbell” configuration where the bedrooms and located opposite ends of the living room.

Then there is the majority with the more traditional layouts where all the bedrooms are located beside each other. No matter what the layout, the two-bedroom sizes are very luxurious compared with some of those new launches in today’s market. All bedrooms can fit in a queen bed and come with two bathrooms.

The Antares 2 Bedroom Living Room

The Antares 2 Bedroom High Ceiling With Furniture Deck

Bedroom 2 Converted Into A Study

2 Bedroom Master Bedroom

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom With Inspiration Of The Twinkling Night Sky

3 Bedroom + Utility + Yard

Getting more popular these days is the provision of the private entrance foyer. Available in the three-bedroom and 4-bedroom units, this configuration gives residents additional privacy away from prying eyes. In this layout, the kitchen is fully enclosed and comes with a yard and utility area. Ideal for families with young children where the utility room can double up as a domestic helper’s room. Furthermore, each of the bedroom sizes is big enough to fit in a queen bed. That also means inter-generational living is possible if that is a consideration.

Private Entrance Foyer

3 Bedroom Living And Dining

3 Bedroom Living And Dining

Very Good Sized Kitchen

Storeroom For Vacuum Cleaners, luggage and other stuff

ID Treatment For The Utility Room

Common Bedroom 1

Common Bedroom 2 Converted Into A Kids Room

Master Bedroom

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom Inspired By The Glow Of A Red Star

Facilities at The Antares

Like most condos with themes, specially designed facilities are like little paragraphs in a storybook. Each feature will serve its purpose but at the same time tell the overall story of the development.

For starters, there is the central art piece at the drop off point. The birth of the sun inspired this sculpture — the source of all light on earth and the ultimate life-giver on Earth. Like the sun, the delivery of The Antares might be the one that will change the entire neighbourhood.

Birth Of The Sun

The Antares is a heavenly body; facilities such as Sky lounges, Sky barbeque and Pavilions are a must. Not only does the facilities serve their essential functions, but they also entertain the residents in a setting high up in the sky.

With the exception of a tennis court, The Antares have full-fledged facilities that include a rocket ship playground, gym and clubhouse. Out of all these facilities, the most impressive one would be the semi-sheltered swimming pool. Hundreds of LED lights are installed on the ceiling to mirror the view of the starlit night sky. So when you swim at night, it is as if you are moving across the milky way visiting one solar system to the other.

Semi-Covered Swimming Pool With LED Lights Like The Night Sky

So, Is The Antares A Good Buy?

I usually would use rental yield as one of the gauges to determine if something is a good buy. However, there are no new developments near The Antares. There are also no new private condos or apartments at Geylang Bahru or Macpherson MRT station to use as a reference. Both are just a station away from Mattar. Due to the lack of data, it is not possible to come up with a reasonable estimate of the yield. Without this yield, how do you know if The Antares is a good buy?

Well, The Antares is what most realtors called a “first-mover”. The thing about first movers is that they generally have an advantage because the entry price in the neighbourhood is likely the lowest. With the subsequent launches, prices are usually expected to climb upwards later. So, purchasing such products are generally a win for investors. However, I do know of first movers that have lost almost a million dollars off its initial price. I will be sharing more on this in my next blog post. So what about The Antares? Will this be a good buy? Does the “first-mover advantage” work here? Will I earn or lose a million dollars?

Empty Land All Around The Antares

More Empty Land

To understand the mechanics and spot the difference between a money-making first-mover and a financial mistake, do contact us, and we will get back to you shortly. If you need to understand more on the floor plans, brochure, pricing on The Antares, do visit our microsite at

Article contributed by Jerry Wong 

Jerry Wong is a realtor with Propnex Realty. He loves coffee, cookies and condos. Most importantly, he loves connecting people to properties and gets enormous satisfaction when they acquire their dream home or make that capital upside in just a matter of months. Buy Jerry a coffee, and he will meet up with you on a 1 to 1 session to share the following

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