March 14, 2016

ABSD/TDSR Calculator

How much do I really need to pay for a private residential property in Singapore? Confused about how much taxes to pay, total debt serving ratio, the initial down payment and the monthly installments required? Simply use our online calculator!*

What is your residential status in Singapore?
How many properties do you currently own in Singapore?
How many mortgage loans are you servicing at the moment?
*Do take note that this is a scaled down simplified TDSR(Total Debt Servicing Ratio) calculator. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages that arise from the use of this calculator. Assumptions also made for a maximum loan of 30 years, borrowings up to age 65, for an individual only without taking into any consideration of your credit score from the credit bureau. For full info on TSDR and LTV(Loan to Value), you can refer to Annex II from MAS. For a more specific analysis, do fill in the contact form and our panel of mortgage brokers will be able to assist you further. Our mortgage brokers work independently and are able to advise on rates from various banks ranging from HDB, private housing and even commercial loans.