Developer: Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte Ltd
No. Of Units: 1,206 Residential Units & 6 Shops
Tenure: 99-year leasehold commencing from 19 June 2018
District: 20
TOP: 9th January 2023
Carpark: Residential – 1,206 lots and 8 handicap lots, Shop: 6 lots on B1
Unit Types:
1-bedroom: 527 sqft (236 units)
2-bedroom: 646 sqft (90 units)
2-bedroom Deluxe: 764 sqft (269 units)
2-bedroom Premium: 775 sqft (44 units)
3-bedroom: 904 sqft (86 units)
3-bedroom Deluxe: 1001 to 1044 sqft (137 units)
3-bedroom Premium: 1130 to 1152 sqft (42 units)
4-bedroom: 1249 sqft (114 units)
4-bedroom Deluxe: 1421 sqft (67 units)

JadeScape is formerly known as Shunfu Ville.


About JadeScape

JadeScape. From the city. From responsibility. From the hustle and bustle. Not far enough to lose touch, but just far enough.

To breathe.

To inhale life. And exhale limits. With space to grow. As a person. A family. And a legacy. With greens to get lost in and find yourself. Surrounded by modern mountains and age-old trees. Crafted landscapes and wild imagination.

Return to a life made smarter. And an existence made wiser. So that you can live bolder.

Take a deep breath. You’re home.

Return, home.

Return, To Where It All Started
We walked these very same streets of Bishan not 10 years ago. With ambition in our eyes. It was the ambition to make a difference.

And here we are again. With that same drive. With that same passion. To once again change the lives of Singaporeans. Not just to make things better. But to make better things. Like a better future for our children.

While giving gratitude and appreciation to the elders who walked these streets before us.

And because most importantly, it is our home.

Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd

Return To A Picturesque Landscape

Mountain ridges, lush greenery and waterfalls depicted in traditional Asian landscapes are the inspiration for the composition of the JadeScape master plan. It is an imagery that carries through to the layered and textured facades of the towers themselves.

Paul Noritaka Tange
Architect, Tang Associates

Return To Serenity

The Majesty Of MacRitchie
Bordering the first and oldest of four reservoirs found in Singapore, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is home to 12 hectares of nature’s best reserve. Stand amongst the heights of primary rainforest, paddle along the water’s edge or hike its many cross country trails for a weekend outdoors.

The beauty of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
One of the largest urban parks in Singapore. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is 62 hectare of open fields, pond gardens, river plains and unique waterways reconstructed from past concrete canals. Along with an almost unlimited supply of park activities for every generation.

Return To Wonder

With 7 peaks that strike the sliver edge of the sky. Carved waterways in its valley.

And green life that is fed by those same waters. From the minute you walk in, to the time you lay down in your home, the majesty of it all is unyielding.

JadeScape Grand Plaza

Enter the gates and follow the forest trails along cascading streams. Set foot in verdant courtyards, lush green terraces and wander through this journey beyond your imagination with over 100 facilities for your enjoyment.

Return To Tranquility

Forest Waterfall
As your mind wonders further than your steps, it’s easy to get lost along the elevated pathways. Diverting left and right, each luring you to a mystery of hidden waterways or garden space. A journey home becoming more a journey of self discovery and wonderment.

Zen Pavilion

Return To Playtime

Grill Pit Pavilion

50m Skyline Pool

Kid’s Club & Kid’s Pool

A Lifetime Of Learning At JadeScape
Watch as life progresses. From a child’s first day of school, to when adolescence kicks in and they run off with their friends to the nearby malls. Soon they’ll graduate and be off to college, stepping out as an independent adult. But take comfort in knowing they’re never too far from home.

Covering all stages of education from primary to college, there are several excellent national schools within the vicinity including Ai Tong School, Catholic High School, Raffles Institution and the future Raffles Girls’ School, as well as Junior Colleges and International Schools.

The Connected Commuter
Just around the bend from Marymount MRT Station and future Upper Thomson MRT Station, the city is just a train ride away or a quick drive down the North-South Corridor.

The Ecstatic Entertainment At JadeScape
Just a little over a kilometre walk to Thomson Plaza, work up an appetite while shopping and visit Thomson Road for a wide variety of restaurants and cafes fit to satisfy any cravings.

For an even bigger treat, Shunfu Mart offers up a place where the long queues justify the mouth watering food served up, and you can get your marketing done at the same time at one of the best stocked wet markets in Singapore.

Or when it’s nice out in the evenings, go for a stroll, grab some dinner and catch a movie at Bishan Junction 8.

Get Smart. Live Smart.
A new conversation. A new way of life. All of your home, effortlessly and seamlessly connected by innovations made for the modern life.

Return To A Wiser Life At JadeScape
Up and early while the kids are off to slumber. That’s why I am always ahead of them. 6 hours? 12 hours? It doesn’t matter. My life is just beginning, as their day comes to a close. And when they wake up tomorrow, I’ll be here to tell them all about it. And how to live it the smart way.

SMART Sleep Sensor
Monitor, track and analyze your health with a user-friendly device that generates a comprehensive sleep analysis in real-time which can also be shared with loved ones overseas.

SMART Control Panel
I get easier control over my home’s lighting and other smart devices with the customized SMART Control Panel, designed with a simpler interface for ease of use.

The pan-tilt-zoom audio and video camera allows for real-time monitoring by my loved ones and two-way communication even when they are travelling overseas.

Live SMART and healthy
Gather your neighbours and join the regular health screening sessions and wellness seminars held within JadeScape to learn more about healthy living.

Live SMART and Active
Through the hiLife app or via the resident concierge, I can truly live my life the way I want by taking part in regular social activities or arrange services catered specifically for me.

Return To The Easy Home Life
Lights and aircon turned on with a single command. Dishes and fruit that clean themselves. Chores that get done while I’m off taking care of what truly matters.

SMART Integrated Dishwasher & Water Purifier
My kitchen, my rules! Integrated water purifier provides crystal clear alkaline drinking water for me and my family all day. My hassle free top-loading dishwasher doubles up to also wash my fruit & vegetable using ultrasonic technology, removing chemicals and bacteria. Now I can get more done with less time and be assured of every healthy meal I prepare for my family.

SMART Aircon Units & Eco Water Heater
Saving on electricity is made easier by utilizing waste heat from the aricon condenser units to heat up the water tank for my shower.

SMART Voice Control
It allows me to easily turn on home appliances including lights and aircon with voice commands, leaving my hands free for groceries and my kids.

SMART Face Recognition
Face recognition technology at my lift lobby allows seamless and secured access back home.

Return To The Life With Best Friends
It’s the little surprises in life that keep things fresh and exciting. And who better to experience it with, than with your best friends.

Whether it’s a surprise party, weekend board games or the usual unwinding, friends are always welcome. And we make sure they feel instantly at home from the moment they are greeted at the guard house to when you greet them at the door.

SMART Face Recognition System
A fuss free quick journey back home, enabled by the face recognition system at my lift lobby.

SMART Visitor Management System
Unique QR codes are sent to my friends prior to our party, making visits hassle-free and easy. We are also able to receive notifications upon their arrival.

SMART Home Gateway
My home in my phone. The smart gateway allows us to remotely access all smart features at home, including turning on the aircon and pre-cooling the home before our arrival.

SMART Living
Food? Checked. Flowers? Checked. Ballons? Checked. My scheduled deliveries via the hiLife app arrive just for the surprise party.

SMART Door Lock
The smart digital door lock allows me to remotely unlock my door for my friends to enter our home even before we are home!

JadeScape Location Map

JadeScape Street View

JadeScape Resale/Rental Prices

Site Map & Floor Plans

JadeScape Site Map

JadeScape Diagrammatic Chart

Jadescape 1 Bedroom Type Ag Floor Plans

Jadescape 1 Bedroom Type A, A(P) Floor Plans

Jadescape 2 Bedroom Type B1, B1(P) Floor Plans

Jadescape 2 Bedroom Deluxe Type B2, B2(P) Floor Plans

Jadescape 2 Bedroom Premium Type B3, B3(P) Floor Plans

Jadescape 3 Bedroom Type C1a, C1a(P) Floor Plans

Jadescape 3 Bedroom Type C1b, C1b(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 3 Bedroom Type C2a, C2a(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 3 Bedroom Type C2b Floor Plans

JadeScape 3 Bedroom Premium Type C3a, C3a(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 3 Bedroom Premium Type C3b, C3b(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 4 Bedroom Type D1, D1(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 4 Bedroom Deluxe Type D2, D2(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 4 Bedroom Suite Type DP(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 4 Bedroom Suite Type DP Floor Plans

JadeScape 5 Bedroom Suite Type EP(P) Floor Plans

JadeScape 5 Bedroom Suite Type EP Floor Plans

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Videos & Virtual Tour

JadeScape Drone Video

JadeScape Flythrough Animation Video

JadeScape Dishwasher Video

Jadescape 4 Bedroom Virtual Tour

Interior Design

Find out more about how this home was created here.

Dining Table
Dinng Table Close Up
Master Bedroom Entrance With Light
Study Cabinet Close Up
Study Cabinet With Light
Study Cabinet
Study Room With Cabinet
Bedside Table With Laminate And Lighting
Bedside Table With Laminate
Common Bedroom
Living Room With Dining Table And Lighting
Living Room With Sofa And Lighting
Living Room With Sofa
Main Entrance Walkway With Lighting
Main Entrance Walkway
Master Bedroom Entrance
Master Bedroom With Lighting
Master Bedroom
Study Room With Cabinet And Lighting
Living Room With Dining Table
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JadeScape E-Brochure

JadeScape Floor Plan E-Brochure

News Articles

20th May 2018. Buyers snap up 70 units at Le Quest Phase Two launch on Saturday

19th June 2018. New private home sales up 53% last month from April

28th June 2018. Goodluck Garden to go to High Court over collective sale

3rd September 2018. Qingjian Realty to launch condo on former Shunfu Ville site at prices averaging $1,700 psf

4th September 2018. Qingjian unveils Shunfu Road project

10th September 2018. JadeScape sees strong sales on launch weekend

2nd October 2018. Faber Garden making another collective sale bid at same $1.18b price

3rd October 2018. Faber Garden in fresh bid to go en bloc at same price

15th October 2018. New private home sales bounce back in September with 51% rise to 932 units: URA data

16th October 2018. New private home sales rebound in September

16th October 2018. New private home sales up 51% in Sept

16th November 2018. New private home sales plunge by half in October

17th December 2019. New private home sales rebound in Nov

16th January 2020. New private home sales in December down 53% from November but up 10.6% from year ago: URA data

16th April 2020. Circuit breaker measures to take toll on new home sales

16th June 2020. New home sales rebound in May, but surge not broad-based

16th June 2020. New private home sales up 75% in May from April, but down 49% from a year ago

20th June 2020. Hundreds book appointments as condo sales galleries reopen; resale home viewings also resume

20th June 2020. Buzz at condo sales galleries but limit on number of visitors

15th July 2020. Singapore new home sales rebound, hit 7-year high for month of June: URA data

18th August 2020. Singapore new home sales up in July amid worsening economic outlook

15th September 2020. Hungry ghosts, recession no match for Singapore buyers as new home sales hit 11-month high

16th September 2020. New home sales surge to 11-month high in August

15th October 2020. New private home sales hit over 2-year high in September: URA data

16th October 2020. New private home sales hit a more than 2-year high amid recession

5th January 2021. Singapore private home prices rise 2.1% in Q4, fastest pace since mid-2018

5th January 2021. Private home prices up 2.1% in third straight quarterly gain

15th January 2021. New private home sales up 57%, highest for December in 8 years: URA data

16th January 2021. New private home sales highest for December in eight years

16th February 2021. New private home sales hit 8-year high for January amid talk of impending property curbs

16th February 2021. Strongest January private home sales in 8 years

16th March 2021. New home sales plunge as launches held back over CNY
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