Watten House


Developer: United Venture Development (Watten) Pte.Lt
No. Of Units: 180 Residential Units
Tenure: Freehold
District: 11
Vacant Possession: TBA
Unit Types:
3 Bedroom (990 to 1160 sqft) (40 Units)
3 Bedroom + Study (1500 sqft) (60 Units)
4 Bedroom (1800 sqft) (36 Units)
5 Bedroom (2300 sqft) (36 Units)
Penthouse (3400 to 4000 sqft) (8 Units)

Watten House is formerly known as Watten Estate Condominium.

About Watten House

Make Your Legacy An Endearing Masterpiece
Every man’s life is a branch of the family tree, seen as a growth or a continuance, in which he plays a part or a chapter in the family history, bringing upon glory to the family life.


Perched atop a verdant hill, Watten House is not just a house, it is a legacy that is built on the foundation of a lifetime of values and choices. A freehold collection of 180 peerless masterpieces with timeless design that is steeped in Asian sensibilities, Watten House is specially created for those who aspire to the highest levels of living.

Luxury Masterpieces
UOL Group Limited’s freehold luxury masterpiece collection is a continual evolution. From ‘Luxury Living by Botanic Gardens’ at Nassim Park Residences to ‘Mansion in the Park’ at Meyer House, and now ‘Tranquillity on the Hill’ at Watten House, each project represents a new chapter in UOL’s luxury journey, capitalising on what nature has to offer.

Prestigious Watten Estate is one of Singapore’s most sought-after addresses, surrounded by 33 out of Singapore’s 39 Good Class Bungalow Areas*, abundant nature, a renowned education belt, vibrant lifestyle amenities, as well as delectable food and culture.

How is it built? Not in a day, nor by chance. But through the perpetual march of moments, memories and milestones.

By holding steadfast to our values and choosing the right path, we write the story of our future, in the very present.

Legacy is built by preserving the heart of family. A timeless home to gather and grow relationships with whom we love.

An endless retreat to uncover the depths of our very selves. An ageless sanctuary to be at one with the world around us.

The Architecture-A House of Timelessness
The design of Watten House imbues it with a sense of elegance and timelessness. From the impeccable sense of arrival to the classical proportions of the architecture and the deliberate design of the pitched roofs, the combination of classic architectural elements and modern design features creates a palatial home that is timeless, contemporary, and poised.

An Impeccable Arrival
Like a masterpiece framed with greenery, Watten House welcomes you into a private and poetic world. A sprawling 220,240 sqft grounds with only 180 exclusive units, offering low-density living in a tranquil setting.

A Scenic Sanctuary
Make your home in a sensorial oasis that is inviting and idyllic; breathtaking and life-giving.

The Landscape-At Home with Nature
At Watten House, nature is more than just a scenic backdrop; it is an intrinsic part of daily life that nourishes every aspect of wellness. The timeless architecture and landscape harmonise seamlessly to create an oasis of serenity, a haven that relaxes and revitalises. The lush greenery that nestles the pool and courtyard invites you to immerse yourself in the verdant surroundings. With each passing day, your communion with nature grounds you firmly in the present moment and uplifts your spirits.

Arrival Water Cascades
Painterly landscapes invite contemplation and reflection, where the timeless presence of the rocks finds harmony in the ever-shifting beauty of nature.

Waters of Tranquillity
As day turns to dusk, unwind in the cool waters of the 50m lap pool or simply lounge beneath the gently swaying canopy, watching the sky transform into a canvas of vibrant hues, and savouring the tranquillity of a perfect evening.

Moments of Respite
Linger at the reading pavilion for a moment of rest and quietude, losing yourself in a book and discovering pockets of clarity amidst the lush flora.

Harmony of Senses
Nature and man-made elements blend harmoniously throughout the landscape. Observe the gentle flow of water cascade down organically shaped ponds, while the rustling leaves and the symphony of birdsong create an enchanting ambience.

Spring of Wellness
Meander through serene gardens, winding trails, courtyards, and flowing water features that seamlessly blend into a tapestry of wellness spaces. From the gym, look out to a stunning view of the terrace falls, and let the beauty of nature enrich your journey to well-being.

The Estate-Harmony Within and Beyond
The sense of home extends beyond Watten House to the surrounding estate. There is harmony with people and place, forged by a community that is warm and welcoming. The laughter of children playing in the neighbourhood park resonates in the air and familiar faces return your smile as you walk your dog along the tree-lined roads. It is this tapestry of human connection that makes Watten House a home unlike any other.

Renowned Education Belt
With their rich legacy, Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Hwa Chong Institution and National Junior College are part of the renowned education belt located within 1km radius of Watten House.

The Interiors-The Heart of Family
Family, the foundation of life, lies at the very heart of Watten House. The rare, large format residences are generously designed to provide ample space for everyone to enjoy privacy and quiet solitude, while also enabling the family to come together and bond over shared activities and conversations. The well-balanced and thoughtful layout is a testament to the importance of family. Watten House is more than just a house – it is an artfully crafted masterpiece that fosters a sense of togetherness, strengthens familial ties, and creates eternal memories.

A Home Beyond Time
The private lift* opens up to an elegantly proportioned living room designed to provide maximum space for timeless memories to unfold. From simple everyday rituals to celebratory milestones, this is where family stories and legacies are woven. Where a house becomes a home.

*More than three-quarters of the residences come with a private lift

An Innermost Sanctum
Retreat into the sanctity of the spacious master bedroom after a day well spent. Here, there is space and time for peaceful interludes and personal reflection. Here, you will find solace to recharge and awaken to a new dawn of beginnings.

Villas in the Sky
Watten House includes 8 rare penthouses, under the Sky Villa Prestige Collection and Sky Villa Luxury Collection. Each spanning between 3,412 and 4,080 sqft, these double-storey 6- and 7-bedroom penthouses are designed like villas in the sky, for those accustomed to the very best.

“In the mansion I would have the eaves deep and the walls dark, I would push back into the shadows the things that come forward too clearly, I would strip away the useless decoration.”


Tranquil Living Elevated
At the highest point of Watten Estate, the double-storey penthouses stand as architectural masterpieces in nature. Whether you are spending time indoors or outdoors, you will find generously designed spaces that bring the whole family together.

Luxury Fittings
Watten House complements your living experience with an array of top-of-the-line fittings and appliances from renowned designer brands such as V-ZUG and Gessi. Every detail is meticulously crafted to present you with a lifestyle of peerless luxury and sophistication.

The beauty of nature is not in its grandeur or majesty, but in its simplicity and purity. It is in the gentle curve of a blade of grass, the delicate fragrance of a flower, the soft rustling of leaves in the wind.


Watten House Location Map

Balance Unit

Site Map & Floor Plans

Watten House Facility Plan

Watten House Green Concept Plan

Watten House Water Concept Plan

Watten House Diagrammatic Chart

Watten House 3 Bedroom Type C1, C1(p1), C1(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom Type C2, C2(p1), C2(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS1, CS1(p1), CS1(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS2, CS2(p1), CS2(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS3, CS3(p1) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS4, CS4(p1) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS5, CS5(p1), CS5(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS6, CS6(p1) Floor Plan

Watten House 4 Bedroom Type D1, D1(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House 4 Bedroom Type D2, D2(p1) Floor Plan

Watten House 5 Bedroom Type E1, E1(p1), E1(p2) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH1 (Lower Level) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH1 (Upper Level) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH2 (Lower Level) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH2 (Upper Level) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH3 (Lower Level) Floor Plan

Watten House Penthouse Type PH3 (Upper Level) Floor Plan

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS1 1539 sqft Showflat Actual Photos

Balcony, Living, Dining
Bedroom 3
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Watten House 5 Bedroom Type E1 2368 sqft Showflat Actual Photos

Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 5
Junior Master Bedroom
Kitchen 2
Living And Dining 2
Living And Dining
Master Bathroom 2
Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom 2
Master Bedroom
Powder Room 2
Powder Room
Private Lift Lobby
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Videos & Virtual Tour

Watten House Flythrough Animation Video

Watten House Drone 360 Virtual Tour

Watten House 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS1 (1539 sqft) Virtual Tour

Watten House 5 Bedroom Type E1 (2368 sqft) Virtual Tour


Watten House E-Brochure

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15th September 2021. Watten Estate Condominium up for collective sale with $500 million minimum price

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8th November 2021. Thomson View launches S'pore's biggest residential collective sale this year at $950 million

16th December 2021. Cooling measures could crimp property price appreciation for two years, stay en bloc market

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3rd January 2024. Private home prices up 6.7% in 2023, grow at slower pace from 2022

26th January 2024. Singapore private home prices, rentals grow at slower pace in 2023

2nd April 2024. Rising retrenchments, high interest rates slow private home price growth to 1.5% in Q1

26th April 2024. Singapore’s private home price growth slows to 1.4% amid lower sales

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