Midtown Modern


Developer: GuocoLand, Hong Leong Holdings and Hong Realty
No. Of Units: 558 residential units
Tenure: Leasehold, 99 years w.e.f. 10 Dec 2019
District: 07
TOP: 3rd Quarter 2025
Architect: ipli Architects, ADDP Architects LLP
Carpark: 3rd Quarter 2025
Unit Types:
1-bedroom: 409 to 474 sqft (168 Units)
2-bedroom: 592 to 721 sqft (139 Units)
3-bedroom: 904 to 1066 sqft (139 Units)
4-bedroom: 1432 to 1464 sqft (55 Units)
4-bedroom Premium: 1733 to 1808 sqft (55 Units)
4-bedroom Penthouse: 3272 sqft (1 Units)
5-bedroom Penthouse: 3520 sqft (1 Units)

About Midtown Modern

Nature In The City At Midtown Modern

Guoco Midtown Presents the City of the Future
We live in a time of great change and upheaval; this much is certain, and not much else.

With each wave of technological advancement, industries are disrupted and lives, changed. In densely packed cities, communities become ever more fragmented and urban loneliness rears its ugly head.

Happiness has never been easier to achieve with all our modern affluences at our fingertips; but our modern afflictions render our wellbeing ever more elusive.

In our unrelenting pursuit of the good life, it is easy to forget that which truly matters: a purposeful life, meaningful relationships, a peace of mind. Yet, what good are all the riches and technology in the world if they cannot grant us happiness?

At Guoco Midtown, cultivate a true and enduring sense of wellbeing by looking to the wisdoms of the past and adapting them for the future.

Remember the joys of being a part of a thriving community when you engage with others in a culture of learning, playing, working, and living together.

Live your best life in a thoughtfully designed environment where adaptable spaces, abundant light, and quality materials anticipate your every need.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this metropolis, come home and find comfort in your personal sanctuary of green with your family.

The latest member of the Guoco Midtown family, Midtown Modern invites you to enjoy all the conveniences of urban living while staying connected to nature. Lay down roots in this lush garden home at the heart of the city, and become a part of the lively Guoco Midtown community.

At Guoco Midtown, change is not a thing to be feared, because it has been expected and catered for. Every square inch of this mixed-use development in the dynamic city has been designed with adaptability in mind. From residences to office tower and network hub, every space has the capacity to grow and evolve with its users’ needs.

At the office tower, GuocoLand’s flexible leasing style and multipurpose network hub empower commercial tenants to react nimbly to economic winds of change.

At its residences, adaptable living spaces and a rich array of shared facilities usher in a new era in communal living, to afford residents a future-forward vision of luxury.

When the only constant is change, the best way to be prepared is to make room for the unpredictable. At Midtown Modern, not only is your future secure – it is also one where your family’s wellbeing can flourish.

Be a part of Guoco Midtown and its redefinition of modern luxury: connect with nature and community while keeping your finger on the beating pulse of the city. At Midtown Modern, your happiness is yours to shape.

Overview of Guoco Midtown
An integrated mixed-use development sitting on 3.2 hectare of land directly above Bugis MRT interchange

Midtown Modern 558 Luxury Garden Homes
Lush garden homes for family living, directly above Bugis MRT Interchange

Midtown Bay 219 Premium Business Homes
Home office concept units with access to a wide variety of facilities within Guoco Midtown

Office Tower 770,000 Sqft
Premium Grade A offices with flexible and efficient floor plates, introducing a new way of office leasing

Network Hub 80,000 sqft Business and Lifestyle Hub
The social heart of Guoco Midtown, incorporating the best of business and leisure

Landscape & Public Spaces More Than 400,000 sqft
More than 20 different plazas and gardens, providing ample spaces for social interaction and large-scale events

3 Retail Villages 50,000 sq ft
Offering multi-dimensional experiences combining shopping, dining and entertainment

Midtown Modern: Nature In The City
In a neighbourhood teeming with skyscrapers of glass and concrete, the warm tones of Midtown Modern’s twin residential towers stand out from the pack. Its tactile, down-to-earth construction promises a cosy garden home within. Indoors, rustic stone and masonry await amidst a forested garden. A resort-like urban sanctuary unfolds.

“Living in the city is coveted for its conveniences, but you don’t often have large green spaces to escape to. That’s why we’ve created a massive garden that residents can luxuriate in here at Midtown Modern,” says Cheng Hsing Yao, Group Managing Director of GuocoLand.

The lush, sprawling landscape on the third-storey garden is a key feature of Midtown Modern. Here, a thick canopy of trees and naturalistic landscape features provide a respite for the senses. This expanse of green sets Midtown Modern apart in an urban district so densely populated. A large lawn area beckons children to play, while numerous scenic spots invite calm and rejuvenation into busy lives.

Home extends beyond the apartment doorstep when you’re a Midtown Modern resident. Explore the development’s many common areas, and adapt it to suit your living, working, and entertainment needs. Use the plush, hotel-like lobby as a second workspace or meeting lounge, and read or meditate in the zen-like garden pavilions. Host your dinner party or wine tasting in the clubhouse and rooftop pavilions of the Garden Deck and rooftops, assisted by the generous range of kitchen equipment there.

With a space for every occasion and every resident, Midtown Modern’s flexible common areas accommodate your every need.

Opportunities to build a warm community of your own abound at every corner, whether it’s over watching football with fellow residents at the sports bar-themed pavilion, or meeting other young parents at the child-friendly lobby play space.

GuocoLand’s resource-efficient and community-minded approach towards urban design pre-empts the future of city living by encouraging communities of young families and working professionals to flourish together. In embracing these more sustainable ways of living, the Midtown Modern ecology is one of a better tomorrow.

Given this time of rapid ecological change, a futuristic home is also one that helps to safekeep today’s world for future generations. Midtown Modern’s innovative green features optimise the management of the entire residential ecosystem, from energy to water and waste, greenery to lighting and cooling systems.

With its sister projects Midtown Bay and Guoco Midtown both awarded Green Mark Award (Platinum) from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Midtown Modern homeowners are in the good hands of eco-conscious sustainability experts.

And when you venture out into Guoco Midtown, the extensive network of underpasses and sheltered walkways connect you to the city and the greater beyond. Celebrate an experience of the city where cars are no longer a necessity. With all the conveniences within this walkable city, and MRT lines that connect you to the rest of Singapore, you can be part of a greener future.

At Midtown Modern, the future is already here.

Roof Gardens
Karstic Peak Gardens on both towers offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Four pavilions equipped with kitchen facilities for different styles of cooking make this an ideal place for entertainment

Gardens in the Woods
Enjoy a full suite of residential facilities amidst eight different garden landscapes, starting from the signature GuocoLand Grand Lawn to the Autumn Wood.

Arrival Lounge, Arrival Plaza and Retail
An impressive arrival lounge welcomes you back home. The hotel-like lounge can serve as a space for work or meetings with business associates. Located next to it are trendy restaurants, retail shops and public plazas.

Underground Pedestrian Network
Make your way to other developments in the vicinity with ease and safe from the elements through the integrated underground pedestrian network.

Direct Access to Bugis MRT Interchange
The East-West Line (EWL) and Downtown Line (DTL) provide seamless connection to attractions, prestigious schools and job centres.

A Journey Through Midtown Modern
Midtown Modern begins at the arrival lounge. The mood in this high-ceilinged lobby shifts as time passes, shaped by the light that emanates through the glass elevator shaft. Bright and cheery in the daytime, the halls turn quieter and more intimate as dusk approaches. At counterpoint, the plaza shops pulsate with rhythm and life throughout the day, maintaining a steady buzz in the atmosphere.

Grand Lawn
The expansive landscape on the Level 3 gardens includes, amongst a full suite of amenities, the impressive Grand Lawn. Here, begin your day with yoga, or watch your kids run free.

Tea House
Enjoy absolute serenity and contemplate nature from the air-conditioned comfort of the purpose-built Tea House. Spend time with lovely company while looking out to a tranquil lily pond.

Hot Spring & Jacuzzi
Two healing pools nestle within a rainforest-like landscape, where you can luxuriate in the hot spring, or opt for a bubbling jacuzzi to soothe your aching muscles.

50M Lap Pool
Within the beautiful Summercourt Garden is an inviting 50-metre lap pool, surrounded by trees planted close to the water’s edge, so you can swim laps underneath lush outspread canopies.

Clubhouse & Gym
The Clubhouse comes with an enviable range of kitchen appliances so you can host lively and memorable parties, while the Gym is fitted with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Play Pavilion
After an energising game of tennis, adjourn conveniently to the Play Pavilion, which comes with an ultra large television screen for avid sports fans to watch matches together.

Through Midtown, we hope to demonstrate a new way of living, a new way of being, that puts wellbeing at the forefront during these complex times.

Roof Pavilion
Roof Pavilions come equipped with built-in kitchens, for easy preparation of Asian and Western meals. Enjoy Japanese teppanyaki or Chinese cuisine, with a breathtaking view of the city.

Well-placed at the intersection of the City Hall, Marina Centre and Bugis districts, Guoco Midtown offers an exciting array of alfresco dining options, shopping conveniences and daily amenities that are augmented by the vibrancy of its greater neighbourhood.

The public plazas of Midtown Garden, Midtown Market and Midtown Square present unrivalled convenience at the doorstep of Midtown Modern with their curated selection of retail and F&B experiences. From bustling market bazaars to memorable festivals, residents of all ages are bound to be energised by the hive of activities that this new civic heart of the city will play host to.

Beyond the lively street level of the Guoco Midtown district, residents can also take full advantage of the increased walkability that this development brings to the wider neighbourhood. From Bugis Junction to Marina Square and even the National Gallery Singapore, the extensive underground and overhead pedestrian networks create seamless connectivity that residents can enjoy on their daily commutes and weekend city explorations.

Where one seeks an evening of cultural entertainment, worldclass institutions like Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay are a mere walk away. Shopping malls and dining destinations provide rich variety in the vicinity, catering to the lifestyle needs of the trendy urbanite. From local eateries in shophouses to avant-garde art galleries, this multi-faceted neighbourhood is a treasure trove of gems awaiting to be discovered.

The cultural enclave of Kampong Glam, with its exotic culinary selection and independent local boutiques, lays around the corner. A short hop away via the Downtown Line, colourful local markets of Chinatown and Little India teem with lively sights, sounds, tastes and smells.

Complementing the immense walkability of the district is anextensive public transportation network that connects residents to the Central Business District and other parts of Singapore. Midtown Modern not only sits upon Bugis MRT interchange – it is also within walking distance to three other MRT stations, making cars an option that sustainability-minded residents need not rely on.

Super Connectivity
Standing majestically above the Bugis MRT Interchange, Midtown Modern offers direct access to the Downtown and East-West Lines, as well as seamless connection to malls and offices via an extensive and integrated underground pedestrian network.


Yip Yuen Hong
Principal Architect, ip:li Architects, Four-time President’s Design Award winner

An Urban Sanctuary
Driven by the fundamental goal of designing for people, the architecture of Midtown Modern creates a rejuvenating environment that feels cocooned from the city.

What is the architectural concept for Midtown Modern?
With Midtown Modern, we wanted to explore how we might create an experience that invites people to live in the city, yet create a rejuvenating environment that feels cocooned from the city. That was our main challenge.

What kind of feelings do you hope to evoke with the Midtown Modern experience?
Because we’re designing homes for people to build their lives upon, what I hope to evoke in residents is a feeling of warmth and intimacy – as if they are coming home to the comfortable companionship of a close friend. We went with concrete and brown masonry to create this sense of cosiness, even though many might say that luxury is expressed with steel and glass. With Midtown Modern, we’re creating a different expression of luxury that is warmer and more comfortable, especially given that many will call it home.

How does Midtown Modern bear the ip:li signature?
As with all my other projects, Midtown Modern is driven by the fundamental goal of designing for people, first and foremost. This is no earth-shattering concept, though it certainly is a very important one. Architecture is a backdrop against which people’s lives unfold; a site on which they build their history. It must be user-centric and livable. As an architect, I’m always looking to design robust spaces that encourage people to fully embrace living in their own homes – rather than being reluctant to do so because it’s too immaculate or precious. Midtown Modern exemplifies this with its rugged aesthetic. To some, it may read as Brutalist, but for me it’s not so much about the look as it is about a tactility and toughness that I’m after.

Many of your designs embody a sense of timelessness. How did you apply this philosophy with Midtown Modern?
It’s not up to me to say whether the design will be timeless, but I do aspire towards it. The architecture of Midtown Modern is inspired by the brick buildings of Midtown districts in other cities such as New York and London. The materiality of brick is one that stands the test of time, and I hope that many years down the road, people will still look to Midtown Modern and find its qualities refreshing.

How does Midtown Modern borrow from the best aspects of Martin Modern?
Martin Modern’s lush greenery and poetic spaces distinguished it from other luxury residential developments, and created a modern expression of livable luxury. We sought something similar with the garden sanctuary that we’re crafting here at Midtown Modern.

What does living well mean to you?
To me, living well means surrounding yourself with the people and things that you love. You don’t have to live in a very big space – you can live with a very small footprint, as long as it contains interesting nooks and corners that you can enjoy. The great trap of modern life is the belief that more is better, but I believe that going back to basics is the greater wisdom.

Chia Jui Siang
Partner at Ortus Design

Midtown Modern… takes a bold approach towards inviting nature into the city… an expression of nature that is wilder, freer, and more authentic.

What is your approach towards the Midtown Modern landscape design?
We took a biophilic approach in seeking to maximise residents’ connection to nature as much as possible. The result is a naturalistic and organic landscape that invites nature back into the city centre, after many years of minimal green spaces in this neighbourhood where shophouse developments prevailed. For Midtown Modern, we will have a forested-themed garden on level three as well as rooftop gardens on both towers. Together, these gardens will have a combined area of more than 1 hectare and feature 186 species of plants.

How do you foresee the landscaping playing a part in contributing to residents’ sense of wellness?
By crafting a botanic resort of varying textures and terrains, it is our hope that people slow down to savour their experience of the landscape. Rustic gravel paths and boardwalks conjure a sense of journeying through the countryside. With amenities deliberately woven in amongst the creeks and woods, we create moments for residents to let nature into their lives, and in doing so, allow wellness to emerge at the forefront of their experience.

Given the large amount of greenery at the Garden Deck, how did Ortus shape the experience so that it is a meaningful one?
We used the concept of seasons to differentiate zones in the gardens on Level 3. One would find flowering plants and trees in the Spring and Summer Woods, while the Autumn Wood features plant varietals that have orangey-red hues. Naturalistic landscape features such as creeks and pools surprise at every turn, creating moments of joy, excitement, interest, adventure and relaxation.

The landscape for the rooftop seems quite distinct from the comparatively more verdant Green Deck. Tell us more about it.
The Midtown Modern rooftops borrow from landscape elements of karstic mountain peaks, which are more minimalist in nature. Here, low-lying rockscapes are set against panoramic views of the city. Residents can catch a moment of Zen amidst the stark poetry of rock forms.

From ground level to rooftop, the Midtown Modern landscaping draws from an unusually wide variety of natural landscapes. Why is that so? Taking inspiration from countryside resort villas, these transitions in scenery provide both interest and drama as one moves through the residence. At ground level, the high ceilings and lighting are grotto-like, while the third-storey gardens is a lush forest. One ascends through these spaces to arrive at the mountain summit of the rooftops.

What are some unique features of the Midtown Modern landscaping that set it apart from other condominium developments? Midtown Modern’s landscaping takes a bold approach towards inviting nature into the city. Deviating from the trimmed, manicured approach that most residential developments take, we favour an expression of nature that is wilder, freer, and more authentic. The dense canopy of trees in the development is one major example of this – even at the lap pool, trees are planted close to the pool’s edge such that sunlight filters through the canopy of the trees overhead and gives the sense that one is ensconced in greenery on every inch of the land.

Arrival Lounge
In this high-ceilinged ground-level lobby, natural light filters in through the glass elevator shaft. A rock garden stands in the midst of the plaza retail shops, replete with delicate, feathery foliage that call to mind a cavern grotto habitat. A breezy atmosphere suffuses this plaza space, evoking the relaxing ambience of a luxury resort. Sheltered from the elements, yet open to light and air, this semi-enclosed space invites a contemplative pause in the busy everyday rhythms of city life.



Key Plant Species

Tree Fern | Cyathea latebrosa
Height*: 1-4m Foliage feature plant A member of the Cyatheales fern class, the Tree Fern has a unique tree-like growth form with feathery foliage. It naturally thrives in the understorey of forests in the Southeast Asia and Indochina regions.

Summercourt Garden
One arrives at the third-storey gardens via the elevator and is immediately transported to a verdant sanctuary. The grounds here begin with the open terrace of the Summercourt Garden. Beyond a leafy grove of Tristania trees lays an inviting 50-metre lap pool surrounded by trees planted close to the water’s edge. Swim laps underneath their outspread canopies, and let your mind drift away to the countryside whilst the bell-like flowers of the Lily of the Valley tree sway in the afternoon breeze.

On the other side of the Summercourt Garden, entertain in the versatile Clubhouse space where a full array of kitchen equipment and foldable partition panels ensure a fitting venue for all your social needs, be it large celebrations or small soirees. The easily movable furniture also makes this space highly adaptable for other functions, including dance sessions or indoor exercise.

Key Plant Species

Sea Tristania | Tristaniopsis obovata
Height*: up to 10m Feature tree A native tree species of Singapore that has been flagged as critically endangered, its attractiveness lies in its flaky orange and copper bark. It stands out due to its open crown of thick leathery leaves.

Lily of the Valley Tree | Elaeocarpus grandiflorus
Height*: up to 25m Ecological emergent tree A tall forest tree, this species can be found from Indochina to West Malesia. It is valued for its mature leaves, which turn red before they fall. Its frilly-looking white flowers cluster on the tree’s crown, attracting both pollinating insects and birds.

Summer Wood
Adjacent to the Summercourt Garden lies a grand lawn where a number of intriguing tree specimens reside. The Snake Tree flowers in the night, leaving a thick carpet of blooms on the ground for residents to discover in the morning. Other trees such as the Ceylon Ironwood tell stories of their own through their evolving appearance, creating an ever-changing environment that is full of surprises.

This open grass lawn is ideal for group activities such as yoga, aerobics, and children’s playtime. Parents can keep an eye on their toddlers from the nearby stone seating as they catch up with neighbours.

Hidden behind the lawn, a pond filled with aquatic plants and a trickling stream draws one’s curiosity to explore further into the Summer Wood.

Key Plant Species

Snake Tree | Stereospermum fimbriatum
Height*: up to 30m
Emergent forest tree
Native to the Indochina region and growing in the humid forests up to 1000m in altitude, the Snake Tree derives its name from the 35 to 70cm long pendulous twisted fruits that contain winged seeds, to be dispersed by the wind when the fruit splits open.

Pickerel Weed | Pontederia cordata var. lanceolata
Height*: up to 1.0m Emergent wetland plant Found on water banks, ponds and areas with low soil oxygen, Pickerel weeds thrive in the tropical sun and have beautiful purple flowers which attract bees.

Common Pulai | Alstonia angustiloba
Height*: up to 40m Emergent forest tree The Pulai is a native forest tree that can emerge from the forest canopy layer with its tiered pagoda-shaped crown. During flowering season, its whole crown can be covered with clusters of creamy white flowers that perfume the air with a strong fragrance.

Spring Wood

There is perhaps no better place to seek serenity than the Spring Wood in the west corner of the deck. Here, rustic stone paths lead to a teahouse pavilion that looks out onto a lily pond, while the flowering Crepe Myrtle trees nearby heighten one’s senses to the delightful colours of nature.

Partake in the rituals of a tea ceremony in this purposebuilt pavilion, where low tea tables and a semi-enclosed, air-conditioned lounge provide the perfect backdrop from which to contemplate nature. On occasion, the River Almond tree too will bloom, and grace this garden with show-stopping eruptions of colour.


Key Plant Species

River Almond | Andira inermis
Height*: up to 15m Dense crown shade tree A round and dense crown tree with a deciduous habit, the leaves are pinnately compound with shiny and dark green blades. During its flowering season, its entire crown is covered with dark pink and purplish-red inflorescences of small flowers.

Water Lily | Nymphaea cultivars
Height*: NA Feature submerged aquatic plant The Water Lily is a rhizomatous aquatic plant that grows submerged in ponds. It floats its round leaves on the water surface, splaying its flowers above the water in the full sun.

Autumn Wood
The trees that line the North Tower give the Autumn Wood its name. With their brilliant autumnal foliage, varietals the likes of Fiddlewood and Flame Tree transport one to a more sub-tropical clime through their impressions of fall. In particular, the way that the Illawarra Flame Tree blooms scarlet whilst leafless presents a visual metaphor for the autumnal way in which leaves shed before winter. Parents and children will enjoy encountering these spectacular sights whenever they journey to the play area in this corner of Midtown Modern.

Key Plant Species

Flame Tree | Brachychiton acerifolius
Height*: up to 15m Feature tree Originating from Eastern Australia, the Flame Tree is a deciduous tree with a conical crown of glossy deep lobed leaves. When faced with a sudden change in temperature, the tree sheds all its leaves and starts to flower such that the entire tree is eventually filled with its bright scarlet blooms – thereby earning its name.


Burma Bridelia | Bridelia ovata variegated
Height*: up to 1.0m Ornamental foliage shrub The variegated form of a small tree bears simple oval papery leaves with attractive variegated colours of pink, white, green and light green.

Hillock Grove
Following the trail of the estuary stream will lead you into the Hillock Grove, where two soaking pools are nestled within this rainforest-like nook. Enjoy an invigorating soak in the hot spring, or opt for the bubbling jacuzzi to massage away your workday cares. The light canopy of Black Rosewood and Breadfruit trees provides both privacy and shade, and casts interesting shadows over the water surface. All around, gentle mounds of soft ferns and majestic leaves of Diamond Joey palms create an oasis of calm. The rustling of leaves and gurgling of the bubbling jacuzzi pool form a soothing melody from which you are certain to emerge energised.


Key Plant Species

Breadfruit | Artocarpus altilis
Height*: up to 30m Edible forest tree Native to the forest of the Malesia region, the Breadfruit is popular with local communities for its edible fleshy fruits and glossy deep-lobed leaves. Mature specimens of these trees are used in the garden to create a lush tropical landscape due to its textural foliage.


Diamond Joey | Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Height*: up to 4m Accent palm The Diamond Joey grows at the understorey layer of tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. This shade-loving palm stands out due to its impressive diamond-shaped fronds, which can be up to 6m in length.

Estuary Wood
Situated along one end of the lap pool where the estuary stream begins, the Estuary Wood features lush foliage that release a light, sweet scent into the air. This row of trees fronts the façade of the South Tower residential units along the pool. Yellow Saraca and Rose of Venezuela trees spread their branches over the estuary stream, creating a cooling shade over the water. Sunken seatings within the pool provide a perfect resting place for one to catch up with friends, or simply for oneself to bask in the solitude of a rejuvenating atmosphere. Overhead, clusters of flowers create moments of beauty for your enjoyment during this leisurely soak.

Key Plant Species

Tembusu | Cyrtophyllum fragrans
Height*: up to 30m Heritage tree Native to Singapore forests, the Tembusu is a slow-growing stately tree which, when mature, has strong structural form and an open crown. It has distinctively deep fissured bark and leathery green foliage. During flowering season, its whole crown is covered with creamy yellow inflorescences that fill the air with sweet fragrance, attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds.

Yellow Saraca | Saraca thaipingensis
Height*: up to 20m Ecological flowering tree Found in the forests of South East Asia, the Yellow Saraca is a riverine tree with a spreading crown of large oblong leaves and pendulous young purplish leaves. Its bright yellow-orangey flowers bloom from the tree’s trunk and branches, and develop into large, purplish flattened pods.

Riparian Wood
Encounter a change of scene when you turn the corner into the Riparian Grove, where the waterways underfoot are accompanied by palm fronds and hanging epiphytes overhead. Embrace your inner child as you make a game out of tracing your way through the trail of stepping stones by the rain garden. Get close to the water, and discover a whole new world submerged beneath its surface. Observe the dragonflies flit from plant to aquatic plant – at Midtown Modern, life can be this idyllic.

Key Plant Species

Sea Mango | Cerbera cultivar red leaves
Height*: up to 8m Feature coastal tree The Sea Mango is often found in mangroves and coastal areas in tropical Asia and on various islands in the Indian and Western Pacific Ocean. This particular variant has attractive reddishmaroon veined leaves and fragrant pinkish-white flower clusters. Sap from the plant is poisonous if ingested.

Staghorn Fern | Platycerium coronarium
Height*: up to 3m long The Staghorn Fern is a large epiphytic fern often found hanging from the high branches of forest trees in the Malesia region. The growth habit of this fern consists of infertile nest-like fronds that aid the trapping of dead leaves for nutrients, and pendulous fertile narrow fronds that bifurcate and hang as long as 2.5m.

Evergreen Hedgerow
Lining the tennis court and one edge of the Clubhouse is the Evergreen Hedgerow, a dense perimeter of evergreen trees that lines several gardens of different purposes. At one edge, a play pavilion with barbeque grill facilities and a large screen television is ideal for families to host gatherings as well as for sports fans to watch matches together. A cosy pet corner provides a dedicated space for pets and their owners to frolic and meet like-minded neighbours. A community garden features a collection of herb varieties that is both educational and useful.


Key Plant Species

Oriental Thuja | Platycladus orientalis
Height*: up to 18m Feature conifer The Oriental Thuja originates from China and Japan. The growth form of this tree is conical in shape with triangular scaly leaves that emit a herbaceous odour when bruised.

Javanese Nipis | Memecylon caeruleum
Height*: up to 5m Ecological screening bush The Javanese Nipis is native to the Malesia region and considered critically endangered locally. Its grown form ranges from a big shrub to a small tree with a dense round crown, which makes it ideal for partitioning a garden. Its flowers are small with deep blue or dark purple petals. They cluster directly at the branches and attract bees and birds.

Karstic Peak Garden
One’s exploration of the Midtown Modern landscape culminates in the Karstic Peak Gardens at the summit of each residential tower. Stepping out onto the roof garden, one finds oneself on a winding path modelled after cliffside trails. Craggy stone slabs interspersed with tender grasses and the soothing silver foliage of exotic trees create new vistas at every turn.

The journey ends on a rockscape platform, where the low-lying rock forms cast a poetic silhouette against a panorama of the cityscape beyond. Whether you prefer to enjoy this breath-taking view alone with a book or in good company, the two pavilions on each rooftop are well-equipped with various kitchen facilities to serve your needs. Let your next dinner party play out against this luxurious view of dusk descending over the city.

Key Plant Species

Silver Buttonwood | Conocarpus erectis var sericeus
Height*: up to 15m Feature tree Native to tropical America and tropical west Africa, the Silver Buttonwood is a multi-trunked tree with distinctive silvery leaves that are densely covered with silky soft hairs. This species instantly adds contrasting colour and texture to any garden.

Chinese Juniper | Juniperus chinensis
Height*: up to 20m Feature Conifer The Chinese Juniper originates from China and Japan, and it is a popular landscape tree due to its distinctive conical shape. A true gymnosperm, it bears globose-shaped seed cones. Its leaves are green and needle-like when young, and scale-like when matured.

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20th August 2020. Singapore stock watch: CDL, Keppel, GuocoLand, Sabana Reit, ESR-Reit

16th December 2020. S’pore new private home sales recover in November as vaccines boost hopes for economy

16th December 2020. New home sales surge 19% in Nov as developers ramp up launches

10th January 2021. 4 Singapore property trends to watch in 2021

15th February 2021. Guoco Midtown to bring 30 thematic gardens into Singapore’s CBD

16th February 2021. GuocoLand development to plant 30 thematic gardens in the CBD

4th March 2021. Guoco Midtown’s second condo to launch in about two weeks

15th March 2021. New private home sales plunge 60.5% in February amid CNY freeze on launches

16th March 2021. New home sales plunge as launches held back over CNY

22nd March 2021. More than 60% of units at Midtown Modern condo sold on launch weekend

11th April 2021. Over 50% of units at Irwell Hill Residences condo sold on launch weekend

13th April 2021. S’pore condo resale volume hits 10-year high in March, prices rise for 8th straight month

15th April 2021. New private home sales in S’pore hit 4-year high for March as buyers flocked to high-end condos

10th June 2021. Marina View site released for launch with bid of $1.508 billion 19th September 2021. Luxury properties in S’pore selling like hot cakes

21st September 2021. Marina View site public tender draws just one bid, $101 above minimum price

22nd December 2021. Sultan Plaza up for collective sale with $360m reserve price

30th August 2022. GuocoLand second-half profit up 122% to $325.2 million