Novelty Techpoint


Developer: Novelty Dept Store Pte Ltd
No. Of Units: 61 Production Units + 1 Ancillary Canteen
Tenure: Freehold
District: 19
TOP: 31 December 2018
Architect: JGP Architecture (S) Pte Ltd
Carpark: 183 lots of conventional car park, 3 lots of handicapped car park, 36 Motorcycle lots and 4 Lorry bay
Unit Types:
Standard production Units 2734 to 3563 sqft (52 Units)
Sky Terrace production Units 2583 to 3563 sqft (9 Units)
Ancillary Canteen 3434 sqft (1 unit)

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About Novelty Techpoint

The New Business-1 Class
Novelty Techpoint, a freehold workplace that stands a class above.

Your Ticket To Realising A Higher Ambition
In the new generation luxury workplace that balances corporate needs with lifestyle aspirations, let your business take flight towards a future of sky-high returns.

Welcome onboard a lifetime of success
Soaring 10-storey along Lim Teck Boo Road and New Industrial Road, Novelty TechPoint’s contemporary facade features prime dual frontage and access designed to expand your business’ prominence and visibility amidst a dynamic commercial network. Strategically placed at the well-connected trade and commerce location, the modern industrial development assures utmost convenience at all times.

Have a Comfortable journey To The Top

The local time now is nine in the morning.
Your estimated arrival time is…
2 mins drive to Bartley & Tai Seng MRT Stations
4 mins drive to Pan-Island Expressway
4 mins drive to nex & Serangoon MRT Interchange
5 mins drive to Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway
5 mins drive to upcoming Paya Lebar Commercial Hub
7 mins drive to Heartland Mall
7 mins drive to Chomp Chomp Food Centre
7 mins drive to Serangoon Gardens eateries
15 mins drive to Central Business District
21 mins drive to Changi International Airport

The weather looks good and with the tailwind on our side, we are expecting to arrive at our destination ahead of schedule.

Secure your seat for take off to a sophisticated business-1 arena
Every aspect of Novelty Techpoint is purpose-built for Business-1 usage, which includes businesses that provide infocomm infrastructure, software applications and/or core media activities. Examples of allowable uses as defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority are:

• Telecommunications/Wireless Communication:
Provide voice/data communication services such as data/information transmission, electronic message sending, voice calls and broadcasting services.
• Data Farm (Data Network + Data Storage):
Activities related to database storage, updating and access, including data entry services, data processing, assembly and formatting.
• Digital Call Centre:
Virtual helpdesk, including information gathering and troubleshooting.
• Internet Service Provider:
Provide access to internet and other related services, e.g. hosting, website building, etc.

• Provision of Infrastructure and Management:
Software design, network integration & customisation and maintenance.
• E-logistics:
Network integrator, providing platform to fulfill digital deliveries or transactions.

• Application Service Provider:
Provide software application outsourcing services. Sometimes can include web hosting services.
• Media Library (Electronic Publishing):
Data storage and updating, software development & configuration, network operations for database accessing.

• Technical Training:
Training and development e.g. digital media, cinematography, lighting and sound.
• Creative Post-Production Services:
Digital video effects, rendering and animation, graphics and sound editing.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the rise to corporate prominence at Novelty Techpoint
Whatever your choice of refreshment, it is all right here where work and play have been seamlessly integrated to bring you the highest mileage in work-life balance.

A wide selection of onboard entertainment will begin shortly
Take a break from a hard day’s work and step up to the tranquil Sky Terrace where an array of lifestyle facilities offers a relaxing ambience to unwind from the hectic frenzy.

Start your day afresh with an invigorating splash in the 30m Swimming Pool, and end a sedentary day with a stretch at the Gymnasium. Recharge for the race ahead with a refreshing lunchtime soak in the Jacuzzi, or replenish your energy at the Staff Canteen.

Superb views Will Be Available During Ascent if Weather Permits
The stunning Sky Terrace offers an all-in-one venue to foster team-building, increase networking opportunities, hold corporate events and entertain clients without any hassle.

• Some units allow layout options that segregate a unit into different work zones
• Individual entrances to each zone
• Offers the most conducive environment for each business component without disrupting office, production or storage needs

• Floor-to-floor height of approximately 6.15m to 7.35m
• Optimum for effortless expansion of your business

• Ample parking lots are available at the 4th storey carpark

• Each unit incorporates 2 or 3 attached washrooms for added convenience
• One of the washrooms comes with a hand shower
• Imported sanitary wares from Duravit and Gessi

Expect No Turbulence Ahead With Our Highly Advanced System

• All units come equipped with base work provision (Digital Box) to facilitate installation of the highly-regarded JUNG European Installation Bus (EIB) intelligent automation systems
• Control and monitor your unit’s air-conditions, lights and motorised blinds at the touch of one button
• Access the system through wireless Internet integration on smartphone and tablet applications even when out of the building
• Select and purchase your preferred EIB brand, switch design, wiring configuration and circuit installation to customise the number of air-conditions, lights and blinds you can control

• The 10th storey units open out directly to a view of the Sky Terrace’s lush landscape, shimmering pool and panoramic skyline for an uplifting work environment
• Additional security alarm system to safeguard your privacy

Prepare for landing into a whole new work experience at Novelty Techpoint

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Balance Unit

Novelty Techpoint Balance Unit Chart

Site Map & Floor Plans

Novelty Techpoint Site Map

Novelty Techpoint Diagrammatic Chart

Novelty Techpoint 1st Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 2nd Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 3rd Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 4th Level Carpark Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 5th Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 6th Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 7th Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 8th Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint 9th to 10th Level Production Full Floor Plate Floor Plan

Novelty Techpoint Roof Floor Plan


1. Foundation
Piles foundation.

2. Substructure & Superstructure
Reinforced concrete framework and/or prestressed concrete beams and slab.

3. Roof
Reinforced concrete framework and/or prestressed concrete beams and slab.

4. Floor Loading Capacities
1st storey [production & ancillary office on same level] = 10.0 kN/m2
1st storey [canteen] = 10.0 kN/m2
1st storey mezzanine = 5.0 kN/m2
2nd and 3rd storey [production & ancillary office on same level] = 7.5 kN/m2
2nd and 3rd storey mezzanine = 5.0 kN/m2
4th storey [car park] = 2.5 kN/m2
5th to 8th storey [production & ancillary office on same level] = 7.5 kN/m2
5th to 8th storey mezzanine = 5.0 kN/m2
9th storey [production] = 7.5 kN/m2
10th storey [ancillary office] = 5.0 kN/m2
Flat roof (maintenance access only) = 2.5 kN/m2
All ramps = 5.0 kN/m2
Note: There is no provision for additional structural loading capacities over the void area in the unit.

5. Structure Floor to Floor Height
1st storey [inclusive of mezzanine] = 6.30 – 7.35m approximately (varies)
1st storey mezzanine = 3.15m approximately
2nd and 3rd storey [inclusive of mezzanine] = 6.30m approximately
2nd and 3rd storey mezzanine = 3.15m approximately
4th storey carpark = 3.15m approximately
5th to 8th storey [inclusive of mezzanine] = 6.30m approximately
5th to 8th storey mezzanine = 3.15m approximately
9th storey = 3.15m approximately
10th storey = 3.00m approximately
Note: The headroom of certain area in the unit may be lower and varies due to the thickness of slab/drop panel/beam and M&E services if any.

6. Recreational Facilities
Swimming Pool
Pool Deck
Unisex Steam Room
Male Changing Room
Female Changing Room
BBQ Area
Open Sided Pavilions
Wireless Internet Connection provision at 10th storey Communal Area

7. Windows
Aluminium framed fixed glass window to the following units:
#01-06, #01-07, #02-05, #02-06, #02-07, #03-05, #03-06, #03-07, #05-05, #05-06, #05-07, #06-05, #06-06, #06-07, #07-06, #07-07, #07-08, #07-09, #08-06, #08-07, #08-08, #08-09, #09-06, #09-07, #09-08, #09-09.

Note: Mechanical Ventilation will be provided for all the foyers, productions and ancillary offices. View from the unit may be partially obstructed by metal screen.

Aluminium framed glass window to the following units:
#01-01, #01-02, #01-03, #01-04, #01-05, #02-01, #02-02, #02-03, #02-04, #03-01, #03-02, #03-03, #03-04, #05-01, #05-02, #05-03, #05-04, #06-01, #06-02, #06-03, #06-04, #07-01, #07-02, #07-03, #07-04, #07-05, #08-01, #08-02, #08-03, #08-04, #08-05, #09-01, #09-02, #09-03, #09-04, #09-05.

Note: Mechanical Ventilation will be provided for the foyers and ancillary offices with no windows. View from the unit may be partially obstructed by metal screen.

8. Doors
Timber doors with selected quality lock set to the main door of the units. PVC doors with quality lock set to toilets.

9. Internal Walls
Cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish to units.
Tiles and/or cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat and/or spray textured coating with paint finish at lift lobbies.
Tiles and/or cement and sand plaster with paint finish to toilets.

10. External Walls
Precast concrete panel and/or reinforced concrete and/or brick with cement and sand rendering and emulsion paint finish.

11. Ceilings
Skim coating with emulsion paint.

12. Floor Finishes
Concrete finished with floor hardener to production units and ancillary offices.
Marble and/or Granite tiles finish to lift lobbies.
Granite and/or ceramic and/or timber look-alike tiles and/or timber decking finish to 10th storey communal area.
Ceramic tiles to toilet floor.

13. Lifts
2 sets of Passenger Lifts.
2 sets of Cargo Lifts with maximum internal height of 2350mm.

14. Electrical
Lighting in common area.
For all units three phase electricity power supply with 60 amperes will be provided.
Exit emergency lighting are provided in accordance with authority requirement.

15. Telecommunication Services
Cable tray from MDF room to riser and common corridor.
Telephone point is provided to each unit with block terminal.

16. Fire Protection
Provision of fire alarm system, automatic fire sprinkler system, hose-reel and dry risers (wherever applicable).

17. Sanitary & Plumbing Installation
Private toilets are provided in each unit. Each toilet comes complete with one WC and one Basin. Only one toilet has an extra provision of a hand shower

18. Mechanical Ventilation
Provision of air-conditioning to passenger lift lobby.
Mechanical ventilation for car park in accordance with authority requirement.
Mechanical ventilation for toilets which are not naturally ventilated.

19. Communication System
Provision of Public Address System.

20. Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection system provided in accordance with Singapore Code of Practice.

21. Waterproofing
Waterproofing to floors of Staff Canteen, Toilets, 10th Storey Communal Area, Communal Planter, Swimming Pool and Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof.

22. Driveway and Car Park
Concrete finished with floor hardener.
Maximum vehicle height of 2350mm is allowed in this development from 2nd storey onwards.
Four loading-unloading bays are provided on 1st storey.

Glass is manufactured material that is not 100% pure. Invisible nickel sulphide impurities may cause spontaneous glass breakage in certain pieces of heat-strengthened glass. It is not possible to detect this defect prior to the breakage, which may occur in all heat-strengthened glass by all manufacturers. The Purchaser is recommended to take up home insurance covering glass breakage to cover this possible event.

All isolators for compressor units (subjected to air-con equipment configuration) will be provided by owners. Location of all electrical points and DB boxes are subjected to Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

Telephone reception on mobile phones with the development is subject to the availability/provision of satellite/wireless coverage by the representative mobile telephone network service providers and is not within the purview/control of the Vendor. No provision of Starhub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV).

Selected tile size and tile surface flatness cannot be perfect and are subjected to acceptable range described in Singapore Standard SS483:2000.

Internet Access
If the Purchaser require Internet access, the Purchaser will have to make direct arrangement with the Internet Services Provider and/or such relevant entities/authorities for the Internet service to the Unit and to make all necessary payments to the Internet Services Provider and/or
such relevant authorities.

Wireless Internet Connection
Location of wireless Internet connection provision is designated and shall rely on the subscription of service by the management corporation with the relevant service provider.

Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the Unit is delivered to the Purchaser.

Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes, Installations and Appliances
The brand, colour and model as specified for all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations and appliances to be supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection, market availability and the sole discretion of the Vendor.

a. All aluminium frames shall be powder coated finish.
b. All glazing shall be approximately 6mm thick.
c. All windows are either side-hung, top-hung, bottom-hung or sliding or any combination of the mentioned.
d. All glazing up to 1m from floor level shall be laminated glass.
e. Doors can be either of swing or sliding type with or without fixed glass panel.
f. All windows including toilet windows can be either frosted tinted or clear glass.

The ancillary staff canteen is approved on 2 years temporary permission. If the owner wish to continue the use beyond the validity period of planning permission hereby granted for the ancillary staff canteen, he/she must submit an application to URA for extension of the planning permission two months before the expiry of this planning permission. Application received after the temporary planning permission has lapsed will be treated as a fresh application.

The units in the development shall be used only for the use as approved by the Competent Authority in the grant of Written Permission for the development and not for any other use or purpose. The use of the units shall not be changed to any other use unless with the prior permission of the Competent Authority.

The owner of each unit in the development shall not use the unit or allow the unit to be used for any purpose other than the use as approved by the Competent Authority.

There shall not be any weight bearing floor created within or over any void area/void areas using any type of building materials (including concrete, metal or wood) unless with the prior written approval of the Competent Authority under the Planning Act.

The open roof gardens/terraces are not to be enclosed or roofed over.

No structures or other uses are allowed on the rooftop unless otherwise approved by the Competent Authority.

No access to R.C. flat roof except for maintenance only.

For cyclical maintenance work to be carried out to the building façade, owners shall allow access to the maintenance team.

While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this website and the plans attached, the developer and its agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies therein. All statements, specifications and plans are believed to be correct but not to be regarded as statements or representations of fact. Visual representations, illustrations, photographs and renderings are intended to portray only impressions of the development and cannot be regarded as representation of facts. Photographs or images contained in this brochure do not necessary represent as built standard specifications. All information and specifications are current at the time of press and are subject to change as may be required and cannot form part of an offer or contract. All plans are subject to amendment approved by the building authorities. Floor area are approximate measurements and subject to final survey. The choice of brand and model of fittings, equipments, installation and appliances supplied shall be at the sole discretion of the Vendor.


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