5 Differences Between an Investor and A Speculator

Due to Covid-19, the stock market has taken a beating, and share prices are at historical lows. With a massive discount on prices, some people have shifted their attention to the stock market. Some retail investors are so upbeat about the stock market that they decided to take advances on their credit cards, leverage this[…]

Top 5 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Their First Home

Over the years, I have met up with buyers who are “stuck”. These buyers are “stuck” because they did not plan forward and purchased the “wrong” piece of real estate. The property might be suitable in the beginning, but it was detrimental to their long-term objectives. These buyers end up in a limbo state where[…]

REITS Versus Property Which is a Better Investment Vehicle?

I believe most of us know the difference between REITs and property. While both are directly related to investing in real estate, there are a few key differences between the two. Here’s a quick summary of these two investment vehicles REITs Vs Property (Key Differences) Low Capital Outlay You don’t need to have a lot[…]

Do I need A Buyer’s Agent?

Is A Buyer’s Agent That Important? Over the years, I have met up with people from all walks of life. Some will tell me that they don’t need my help in helping them find a property. They are perfectly comfortable to transact on their own. These buyers prefer to engage with the seller’s agent directly.[…]

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy A Condo In Singapore?

Case Study Of A Singaporean PR Purchasing A Condo In Singapore Recently I had the opportunity to meet up with a lovely couple who had just gotten their PR. They were incredibly excited and was looking forward to purchasing a condo in Singapore. If you are not aware by now, getting a Singapore Permanent Residency[…]